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Leslie Yerkes | Author, Speaker, Consultant & Trusted Advisor

"I believe in being a catalyst for healthy change. Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of organizations grow and evolve into stronger, more profitable, more productive entities. I facilitate change in a way that minimizes stress, maximizes improvements to the working environment, and sustains quality of life for all involved. Smart work starts at the top. I work with leaders to develop strategies and design systems that work. Then I help them acquire the skills and personnel to implement them. In a typical consulting project, some or all of these services are provided. My writing and speaking reflect and sustain this methodology." - Leslie Yerkes Leslie Yerkes is president of Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc. an organizational development and change management consulting firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. Leslie’s business goal is to help people create sustainable organizations. Her life goal is to create a framework in which people can draw on their own resources to find creative solutions. Her clients have included Chrysler Corporation, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, United Church of Christ, International Steel Group, The City of Lakewood, ArcelorMittal Steel USA-Cleveland, and NASA. A subspecialty of Leslie’s is making non-profits healthy and sustainable. Leslie is a recognized consultant, author, and speaker throughout the United States and Europe. She is considered an expert in her field and is frequently quoted in the media. She is the coauthor of the bestselling 301 Ways to Have Fun at Work, Beans: Four Principles for Running a Business in Good Times or Bad, and They Just Don’t Get It! Changing Resistance into Understanding. Re-released in 2007 are Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work and Beyond Kicks and Carrots: Motivation in the 21st Century. Her works have been translated into more than a dozen languages selling hundreds of thousands of copies world wide. She is currently polishing a new book titled: Big Boy: Life Lessons from a Junkyard Dog. Speaking... Leslie's speaking styles is highly interactive and full of tangible application. Her energetic style, relatable stories, and real life experience ensure a presentation that will exceed your expectations every time. Motivation drives your people and lifts your company to new levels of success. Your company is only as good as your people, true. But no matter how good they are, if they’re not on fire with innovation and excitement, you’re at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Leslie will spark the sparks. Through targeted speeches, she will inform, educate, cajole, and convince. And most importantly, energize and inspire. Key topics include: • Thriving in Change • Fun at Work: The Principles of • The Fun/Work Fusion • Creating Sustainable Organizations • Entrepreneurship • Lighthouse Leadership • Culture Trumps Strategy • Changing Resistance into Understanding • 4 Principles for Running a Business in Good Times and Bad • Motivation in the 21st Century • Lessons from a Junkyard Dog • Lessons from an Aging Population For full information on Leslie's service range and speaking please connect with her directly for this profile!


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2 Reviews
Pete Accorti Vice President Operations, Talan Products, Inc., Cleveland OH
Our organization has benefited immeasurably!

Our organization has benefited immeasurably from completion of the MAP/Excel program. We have also become more of a learning organization. What began as an effort to build competency with a small group of managers has led to a host of positive changes that are being felt throughout the organization.

February 2019

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Micahel Bilinitzer Associate Executive Director, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People , Cleveland OH
Leslie has the rare gift of ...

As an agent of change, Leslie has the rare gift of listening first to understand a situation, and only then forms a cogent, well-designed intervention that involves all key stakeholders. This approach, in turn, quickly establishes trust and builds a stronger organizational team that is unified around a common mission, vision, and values.

February 2019

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