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Laura Goodrich | International Speaker, Author & Top 20 Global Thought Leader

Laura is an internationally recognized expert in change and the future of work. She has spent over twenty years as an innovator, speaker, coach, and advisor. She has been identified as a top 20 Global Thought Leaders on Future of Work, Change Management, Culture and Technology. Her global perspectives on workplace dynamics and change have earned her the reputation as someone who can create positive outcomes in even the most challenging workplace dynamics. Laura has authored, hosted and produced over a dozen internationally distributed cinematic microlearning programs for business and industry, she has hosted three television shows and a national radio program. She and her business partner are pioneer producers of Cinematic Microlearning programs that leverage film-making methods, coaching and storytelling into a designed process that drives true change. Leveraging extensive experience as an entrepreneurial technology leader and global workforce change expert she is always looking for an innovative way to challenge the status quo. SPEAKING: INSPIRE YOUR WORKFORCE - Laura's speeches incite a mindset for change. WHAT TO EXPECT Top 4 takeaways of a Goodrich keynote ★ How habit-forming, fear-based thinking is getting in the way of change ★ How to rewire your brain to shift your focus attract positive outcomes ★ How to create thoughts, actions, and behaviors that align with future goals ★ An explanation of the tools you’ll need to act on your strategic priorities CHOOSE YOUR FLAVOR Goodrich offers talking points on a wide variety of subjects: ★ Creating a Mindset for Change - Rewire your brain for change and transform your organization ★ Leverage the Power of Generations - Bridge generational gaps for a cohesive workforce ★ Coaching for Leaders of Early Talent - Understand how to lead your millennial employees ★ Coaching for Early Talent - Giving millennials the tools to excel in their organization ★ Driving Agility - Learn how to foster innovative thinking and thrive on new solutions Curious about how Goodrich can inspire your company into action? For full information on Laura's client options and service range click to her website from this profile.


Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

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6 Reviews
Michael Meinhardt
Laura’s keynote was very inspiring.

Laura’s keynote was very inspiring. I especially liked her Embracing Change video. It is something that we all relate to. The best message in Laura’s speech is getting to a positive outcome for you.

June 2019

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Corrina Hegshaw
Fantastic energy.

She is very inspiring has such fantastic energy, she has very good points..look for the Red Car it is a very good spot to figure out what your focus is in your daily life. She has very good examples to see what can be in your life. My warmest recommendation for Laura. I always enjoy a touch of the US energy. The idea of getting through to people.

June 2019

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Helle Merethe Svaneborg, Promotion Manager, Denmark & Finland Atout France
I would recommend Laura at any time...

I had the pleasure of hearing Laura speak about “Seeing Red Cars” at our MPI Denmark seminar “Creating a Mindset for Change & Innovation”. Laura is truly inspiring and her information is highly relevant, timely and interesting and caused our audiences to look at things in a different way. I would recommend Laura at any time to give inputs how to focus more whether it’s work or personally related!

June 2019

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