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LARRY JOHNSON MA, CSP | Author, Speaker & Corporate Culture Expert

Larry Johnson is an engaging, insightful speaker who can help your audience raise productivity, reduce employee turnover and increase customer satisfaction - and he's really funny too. For thirty years, Larry has helped organizations build more productive and profitable working cultures through the development of strong leaders and dedicated employees. He has received rave reviews from more than 150,000 business, government, and health-care professionals in every state in the union, as well as in Great Britain, China, Indonesia, Central America and Australia for his presentations on the topics of leadership, change, customer service, and honesty in business. Additionally, Larry has eight years of real life experience as a manager in health care, three years as a manager in city government, and 30 years as president of his own consulting firm. CLIENTS: Among many others, Larry has spoken for SHRM, American Health Care Association, Westinghouse, General Electric, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Intel Corporation, Southwest Airlines, American Express, McDonald's Corporation, Federal Express, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the American Health Care Association, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. KEYNOTES | PRESENTATIONS: ★ STRAIGHT TALK COMMUNICATING WITH HONESTY & INTEGRITY Let's face it. Straight, honest, no nonsense communication in organizations today is more rare than common. Whether it's fear of reprisal, natural timidity, or not wanting to hurt someone's feelings, many of us avoid telling the truth when the truth needs to be told. The same applies to many of those who work for us. The cost of such reticence can be high. If managers can't get honest feedback from their associates, they, like the emperor in the fable of the Emperor's New Clothes, will make foolish decisions. If associates can't get honest feedback from their managers, they don't improve, and their poor performance devalues the organization. In this dynamic, fast-moving and delightfully humorous presentation, Larry shows you how to enhance your leadership skills by establishing a new standard of communication - a standard that encourages honest and candid discussions, frank expression of opinions, and healthy debate. A standard that does not mince words, insists on accountability, respects the dignity of others and is guided by a clear sense of ethics. Based on Larry Johnson's top selling Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity ★ MASTERING THE STORM OF CHANGE Right now, while some organizations are seeing improvement in their economic outlook, many are still facing falling revenues, restricted budgets, and reduced growth. Like past fluctuations in the economy, this downturn will eventually pass. In the meantime, those who survive, both organizationally and individually will be those who keep their spirits up and never stop looking for new ways to perform more efficiently, effectively and creatively. Drawing on 30 years of investigation and consulting experience with some of the world's foremost corporations and governmental organizations, Larry Johnson will show you how to make the most of these difficult times through leadership and change management. ★ TURNING CUSTOMERS INTO OUTRAGEOUSLY LOYAL FANS First: Make sure your customers DON'T like you. That's right. Research at the University of Texas found that customer satisfaction is no guarantee of customer loyalty. Customers who indicated on questionnaires that they were simply "happy" with a product or service were as likely as those who had no opinion at all to abandon the vendor. The only indicator that predicted long-term loyalty was when customers used emotional words like "love" and "adore" to describe the vendor. In other words, if you want your customers to stay with you, they are more likely to do so if they LOVE YOU. So the question is, how to you get your customers to LOVE YOU? More to the point, how does staff that will be attending this presentation with you get your customers to LOVE YOU? Larry Johnson will show you how to make customers become your loyal fan by providing outrageous customer service. ★ CREATING AN INSANELY POSITIVE WORKPLACE CULTURE How you can increase productivity, spur innovation, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. Year after year, companies like Google, Johnson & Johnson, and are consistently listed in Fortune Magazine's 100 Best Companies To Work For. How do they do it? It's more than onsite health centers and gourmet cafeterias. It's management practices that inspire employees to contribute their best and then some. In this presentation, Larry shows how you can apply the same principles to create a great work culture for your own team. ★ HOW TO CULTIVATE EMPLOYEE ACCOUNTABILITY "It's not my fault." "It's not my job." "I didn't know." "My car broke down." "I'm not to blame." "He did it." Excuses. We've heard them all. Wouldn't you love to have all your employees see what needs to be done, take the necessary actions to do it and accept responsibility for the results? Larry Johnson offers you practical strategies to raise the odds everyone behaves responsibly and enthusiastically. ★ THERE IS NO THEY: CHANGING THE CULTURE OF HEALTH CARE A presentation of the good, the bad, and the wonderful aspects of one family's journey through the health care system. While on a bicycling vacation in 2003, CJ Johnson, wife of well-known author, speaker and corporate culture expert Larry Johnson was involved in an accident that changed their world. Despite wearing a helmet, CJ sustained a closed-head injury that put her in a coma for eight weeks, and a persistent vegetative state for seven months. Going from hospitalization in intensive care, to skilled nursing facilities to home health care, CJ and Larry experienced first-hand what it's like to be served by care takers, technicians, nurses, doctors, therapists, administrators. Inspirational This presentation is Larry's personal story about that journey. It is guaranteed to touch the hearts of the audience and make them glad they have chosen their noble profession. Informative It also shows the audience some of the flaws in the health care system as seen from his personal experience, and offers concrete suggestions to correct those flaws. ** for full information on Vito's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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3 Reviews
Willie Keith, World-Wide Manager of Dealer Training - Harley-Davidson Motor Company
Thanks for a great job.

Harley-Davidson dealers are a tough crowd to please. You speak their language, you address their issues, you do it with down-to-earth humor and energy - and they love you for it. . . . Thanks for a great job.

August 2019

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Roderick F. Ganiard, Jr. Vice President of Sales - The HON Company
The standing ovation you received said it all.

The standing ovation you received said it all. What a great keynote speech!! You absolutely blew our Account Managers out of the water. Your speech was a huge contribution to the success of this year's annual sales meeting.

August 2019

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Jennifer Gold, Vice President Establishment Services Division - American Express
Larry, we would recommend you highly!

I want to thank you so much for a terrific program. Larry, we would recommend you highly to anyone who is looking for a skilled presenter and facilitator to train business professionals and managers.

August 2019

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