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Kimberly is truly a thought and heart leader having enjoyed, and been enjoyed, by tens of thousands for over 17 years. She is a leading CSP and travels internationally inspiring CHANGE. What kind of change? Change from sinking in stress to rising high through focus, clarity, energy and joy. Change from 'making it,' to 'rocking it!' Change from feeling tapped and at times powerless to accomplishing new creativity and desired goals with ease and happiness. She educates and inspires audiences from corporate to lifestyle that ALL they need is ALREADY fully available to them. This is her personal experience, as her TEDx talk will attest to eloquently, and is her passion and service to others. In her own words she shares why she does what she does... From a very young age (4-5 years old,) I found myself on the receiving end of many moments I now call “unitive experiences”. Time seemed to stop and veils seemed to pull back as the deeper essence of the moment came forward within me and around me. I liked the feelings these experiences evoked and began to connect the dots that THIS was the key to happiness. The joy was so great I longed for everyone to get to experience this happiness! It was like wanting to share your favorite ice cream cone with a friend. Curious by nature, deeper questions have been a big part of my life from those moments forward. And these deeper questions lead me presently to believe that Source/Spirit/Life Force are within our very center (figuratively.) Yes, in this LOVE we live and move and have our being. My journey, probably similar to yours, continues to be an ever unfolding participation in the co-creation of my life. Through dark nights where beauty seems concealed and blissful days where time seems to stop I surrender again and again. SERVICES: - INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER Allow Kimberly to inspire your group to new levels of positive change. Her gift of speech is powerful, insightful, and playful. Her doors are wide open to all forums and locations. With a life devoted to personal development her heart of compassion infuses every word sure to touch all present. - RETREAT AND WORKSHOP FACILITATOR Gathering for retreats is one of the most potent ways to bring needs and desires, shift into the answers that lie within, and bring that new level of awareness and being into every part of your life. Having experienced powerful change in this type of community it remains one of Kimberly’s favorite forms of offering personal growth in happiness. - SESSIONS Life is all about coming home to yourself~ your happiest, healthiest, free, peace-filled and most joyful self. My path as minister, spiritual direction, meditation coach and Reiki Master is all about facilitating that experience FOR YOU. Find within yourself all you need and live from that Presence more and more each day! Give yourself a soul massage through my private sessions virtually or in person. [for full information on Kimberly's services and product including subscription to her YouTube channel visit ]


1419 Cedar Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80304
United States

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6 Reviews
My impressions of this weekend are so mind-altering;

My impressions of this weekend are so mind-altering; the wonderful environment, the learning experience of self-joy and appreciation of the human existence.

March 2018

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A gifted teacher...

Kimberly Braun is a beautiful spirit and a gifted teacher. As a teacher myself, I recognize her gifts and feel safe to become completely vulnerable in her loving presence.

March 2018

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Ross Hostetter
Kimberly Braun is the 'real deal!

Kimberly Braun is the 'real deal,' a genuine, authentic transmitter of the best of her spiritual tradition.

March 2018

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