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Jan McInnis | Funny Keynote Speaker - Change & Leadership/ Author /Comedian/Written for Tonight Show

Keynotes on Leadership and Change with Hilarious Humor! Solutions - Humor - Audience Connection . . . Jan McInnis delivers this and more! For over 2 decades Jan has offered powerful, unique keynotes laced with hilarious humor. She shows professionals how to use humor in business (yes it IS a business skill!) to change the energy, connect with others and get their attention. Your business may not be funny, but your message and how you get clients, potential clients, staff and co-workers to listen to you can be. Jan shows people how to use humor in business because she’s done it! She’s an accomplished comedy writer who has sold material to everyone from the Tonight Show monologue with Jay Leno, to greeting cards, syndicated cartoon strips, hundreds of radio stations and even guests on the Jerry Springer show (her parents are proud!). She started her career in comedy clubs . . . so she’s comedy club funny without the profanity! Don’t miss out on her keynotes!! Kick off your conference with a bang, end it on high note or wake them up in the middle with one of Jan’s popular, high energy keynotes. KEYNOTES - 5 things Jan can do for you: 1. "Finding the Funny in Change:" (most popular!) The lightning-fast pace of change is staggering to many leaders, organizations, and some members of your teams. Rapid, continuous change often results in fear, tension, and miscommunication. What are some practical tips that can help leaders in difficult times? Jan speaks across the country on the use of humor in organizational leadership. Jan’s solid tips on using humor during change will show attendees how to: • diffuse tension • initiate tough conversations • facilitate communications through using humor Many speakers tell you that you need to use humor, but they don’t show you HOW. Jan does! 2. "Flourishing From Failure – Handling Mistakes Like a Comedian:" Jan’s hot leadership topic! Nobody tries to fail, but sometimes things go “not as planned,” and recovery is rough. Comedians know this more than anyone because they have a very high profile job. And when they flub up, or something goes wrong, it needs to be fixed fast, on the spot. Learn how to deal with life when things go "south!" Jan’s practical tips on handling mistakes will help your attendees: • Understand why it happened. • Learn skills they can develop for avoiding pitfalls and assuring success • Discover techniques to use when things are going awry • get tools to assess the aftermath and then move forward 3. "Finding the Funny in Communications:" Communicating with humor isn't just for comedians! Your message is competing with a lot of other messages! Make it stand out. Jan shows you practical techniques for including humor into your business (and personal) communications. Attendees will learn how to use humor to: • Make their verbal and written communications memorable • Connect with staff/co-workers/clients immediately • Keep people interested in what you have to say • Make sure people remember you Your subject may not be funny, but getting people to listen to you about it can be! Find out how! 4. "Hilarious Hosting:" Keep your awards ceremony rolling on time and your audience engaged – even those who aren’t winning the plaques! Jan will sprinkle in appropriate humor along with fun comments to keep the ceremony going! Use a professional emcee and you won’t lose the audience! 5. "Clean Cubicle Comedy:" If you just want entertainment, Jan can provide it with her clean comedy show. Jan’s act focuses on family, work, and day-to-day life. She’s been featured in the media for her clean comedy and she hosts her popular podcast “Comedian Stories – Tales From the Road in Under 5 Minutes.” Prior to the event, Jan has a conference call with the client to incorporate specific challenges your group is facing into her keynote! For full info on Jan's keynotes and humor please click to her website

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5 Reviews
Greg Timmons, Education Chair, California Society for Healthcare Risk Managers
She was both much funnier than I expected and had really great insights.

“Selecting a keynote speaker is a leap of faith. You might have recommendations and watch videos, but you really never know what you're getting until that moment on the podium. Jan, I'm pleased to say that you greatly exceeded our high expectations. After your presentation, we had members who said things like, "I normally don't like humorous keynote presentations, but I loved Jan! She was both much funnier than I expected and had really great insights. The faith we placed in you turned out to be well founded. Thanks and congratulations on your efforts.”

October 2018

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Diana Capes, Executive Director, Securities, Insurance, Licensing Association
Left our attendees wanting more.

“Jan McInnis kept the attention of our attendees with her advice mixed with humor. Her ability to present ideas in a fun way left our attendees wanting more. The survey responses were overwhelmingly enthusiastic in response to Jan’s presentation message and delivery style.”

October 2018

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James Pospula, WXXI, Speaking of Women’ Health, Rochester, NY,
A true crowd pleaser!

"Jan McInnis was a true crowd pleaser... she had our 1,100 attendees in stitches. Clever and funny, she was the perfect start to our event."

October 2018

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