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Kelvin McCree | Speaker, Leadership, Change, Team Development Strategist & Team Engagement Expert

Inspired by his passion for seeing radical success in others, Kelvin focuses on helping organizations and their leaders achieve greater productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, and profits through higher engagement levels. Having been personally mentored by Home Shopping Network Founder, Lowell “Bud” Paxson, Kelvin is known as a transformative and innovative change agent. His early years were spent in the entrepreneurial space, having built and sold a successful company before age 30, culminating with a Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Nomination. He later went on to launch and pastor two multi-generational and multi-ethnic churches before retiring after 15 years. Kelvin weaves in his vast team, customer engagement and human performance experience with his natural gift of innovation to move audiences to expand their capacity. He has authored 5 books, including his latest leadership work, “Audacious Authenticity: Leading and Living Congruently." He holds multiple advanced Executive Coaching Certifications, is a Founding Member of Hall of Fame Speaker, Les Brown's Unlimited Team and serves on its Leadership Council. His company, Laser Focus Leadership Solutions currently contracts with several billion dollar corporations including, Citizens Property Insurance, our states largest insurer. You can always be assured Kelvin’s presentations are well researched, authentic, and incredibly engaging. SPEAKING: Kelvin hasn’t always been a speaker. He has real-world experiences that resonate with audience members. Kelvin helps people discover their authenticity as a person and leader. An accomplished author, corporate speaker and transformational executive coach, he has shaped countless thousands of lives in 40 of the 50 states and as far away as Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and England. Whether advising executives or speaking at a conference, Kelvin empowers individuals to identify their authenticity and align themselves with their innate gifts to lead and live with brilliance. Kelvin serves as an executive advisor for individuals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs around the world. And soon, he’ll be speaking for you. Kelvin’s keynotes and workshops are springboards for your organization. These sessions span topics of customer service, leadership, and personal development—all grounded with tangible strategies to equip your team well into the future. Attendees will be inspired to take quick action to harness their talents, assess their impact, and make a difference in their professional and personal growth. KEYNOTES & PROGRAMS: • SHIFT HAPPENS: THRIVING IN THE MIDST OF CHANGE This training initiative is designed to create value in self-awareness during change and the significant impact it has on the organization’s culture and productivity. Our conclusions are based on several studies including research by the Corporate Leadership Council, who linked change to stress and burnout, and to the discretionary commitment of staff. • SYNERGY 1+1=3 “WE ARE ONE” Whether in sports or business, synergy is vitally important. In businesses, company objectives usually are tackled by multiple individuals with different perspectives, skills, and experiences. Although employees hail from different backgrounds, team synergy plays a vital role in the overall team concept and ultimately, it's success. This highly interactive program will highlight the importance of team synergy, why and how your staff determines both functions and outcomes • LeaderSHIFTS: WHAT GOT YOU HERE WON’T GET YOU THERE Let's be honest, with increasing global, technological and societal changes, we are on pace toward a leaner, more efficient and more flexible teams in the workplace. The pace of innovation frequently leads to managers finding that they have never learned the skills for the types of teams they are leading. • SEI ZE THE MOMENT: TIME MANAGEMENT AND THE MYTHS OF MULTI -TASKING We've heard it constantly in life and our career, "time management". Sure time management is important but it begins with a precious commodity we never get back, yes, its TIME! Therefore, managing your time is essentially managing your life and managing you. This insightful training (can be presented as Keynote) is a fresh approach to this subject, highly interactive, and provides clear strategies to: 1. Identify what personal efficiency is, what skill sets can improve personal productivity, and what attitudes should be cultivated. 2. Describe what role long-term goals play in short-term efficiency 3. Share a personal vision and develop goals and dreams from it. 4. Explain why multi-tasking is a myth • The OHANA Culture: How To Build A Winning Culture Why is it that the best strategic plans and good leadership often are not able to move organizations in the direction they desire? I contend that culture is the elephant in the room that often derails the best strategy. Based on a life-changing experience I took to Hawaii, the Ohana Culture, which is the Hawaiian word for extended family, outlines the 7 categories for organizational culture and provides practical strategies to make any team/workplace culture a winning one. • TRANSFORM IT! "Don't Just Experience It, Transform It" "Don't Just Experience It, Transform It" is a presentation rooted in never giving up and redefining failure. This presentation is designed to create value in self-awareness during life's challenges and how to transform them instead of simply experiencing them.


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4 Reviews
Matt Wahnon CEO, Les Brown Institute
Kelvin provides an authentic imprint ...

Kelvin provides an authentic imprint that details and directs you into accepting and creating one of the most important people in your life – Yourself.

April 2019

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James E. Mackey III AVP Wells Fargo Corporation
My team has evolved to be one of the top teams in the company.

The principle of being authentic was the key to the turnaround of my team’s performance. As a result of these principles and this coaching system, my team has evolved to be one of the top teams in the company.

April 2019

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Simon T. Bailey, CEO Simon T. Bailey International and author of 9 books
This is a manifesto ....

There are books written that you read and put down. But then there are manifestos whose intention is to promote a fresh way of thinking. This is a manifesto that will create an internal realignment of head, heart, and hands.

April 2019

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