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Julie Anderson | Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer & Brain Personality Profile Expert

Julie Anderson is an in-demand international public speaker; wielding her expertise in brain science to bring solution-based training into organizations for business, communications, team building and leadership results such as increasing productivity, preventing conflicts, and improving organizational cultures. An established brain authority in the media, Julie has been interviewed by ABC, FOX, UPN, and is a frequent expert guest on many radio networks. Julie has done extensive research in the areas of personality types, brain function and anatomy, brain health, and the brain personality connection. She has studied natural health, psychology, human resource development and psychoneuroimmunology. With more than 20 years of research, study, mentoring and sharing the stages with other gurus in the field of brain personality connection. With post-graduate studies in the field of depression, anxiety disorders and brain function, Julie has continued her learning to maintain her expertise in this field. She is also a professional interpreter for the deaf. Julie Anderson brings more than 15 years of experience speaking, training and consulting with individuals and up to large corporate organizations utilizing Brain Personality Connection and uniquely blending science and psychology with humor and relatability in her keynote presentations and interactive workshops. A prolific author, Julie has published several books with more on the way. Most notably her book, The Brain Storm Journal, for Journaling 101 Storms in Your Brain is renowned for being a fun and interactive brain friendly journal. Soon to be released Change Your Mind in 21 Days, Practices for Creating a Healthy and Happy Mindset and Life is a personal development mush have; and What Did You Say? A Practical Guide to Communications, Relationships and the Brain specifically applies to the improving communication in the corporate workplace. Julie's keynotes include: • Great Leaders Use Your Brain Brain Lady Julie makes the complicated science of neuropsychology fascinating and fun. She brings energy and excitement to the audience while she shares practical ways to use this information to create a leadership team that ROCKS! Using the B.R.A.I.N. formula your leaders will take their leadership skills to the next level- scientifically. - Gain basic skills to be a world class leader. - Discover how using science gives you the edge to stand out as a GREAT leader - Learn ways to inspire and engage your team for greater success for all • Step Into Your Power-ROCK Your Natural Gifts Can science help you discover within yourself a greater power to succeed? Absolutely! Julie Brain Lady Speaker presents the science behind the psychology of who we are innately. Once you and your teams discover this you can access and grow your natural skills for greater success. - Identify your NATURAL gifts and brain strengths - Replace frustration with satisfaction - Breakthrough barriers to success • How to Deal with Difficult People and Create Dynamic Relationships No matter how large or small your company is you will encounter a variety of personalities. In this half or full day workshop Brain Lady Julie will reveal the science behind the psychology of the Brain Personality Connection. Understanding the dynamics of the complex brain personality profiles will assist all within your company to improve their communication. - Explore the facets of the different Brain Personality Connections - Develop the skills for greater communication - Overcome conflicts by using your brain • Increase Sales through Improved Communication A vital piece of every company is their salesforce. In a fun and functional way Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson will unveil the different factors to the brain and communication. This invaluable information will lead to greater success in sales and therefore a healthier bottom line for your company. - Build a sales team that preforms like never before - Identify the true needs of the customer - Create an instant rapport with your client • Create a Brain Friendly Workplace Can neuroscience help your business run more efficiently and help create a greater profit margin? Absolutely. In this workshop Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson will present the latest research on how to create a work environment that will facilitate greater success in business from the inside out. - Implement daily activities that fosters greater creativity in your employees - Ignite your employee’s brains to remain engaged and efficient - Create a work environment that is sure to improve the overall performance of all ** for full information on Julie's client options and service range click to her website and connect directly **


PO Box 822
Grass Valley, California 95945
United States

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5 Reviews
Hamid Sadaat, Director, CSIX Connect, Founder
Julie is a very upbeat presenter with a very warm personality.

Julie is a very upbeat presenter with a very warm personality. Her workshop was very engaging and everyone had something good to say about her talk.

April 2019

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Marie W, Meeting Coordinator
Julie is definitely energetic and fun to listen to.

Julie is definitely energetic and fun to listen to. Her expertise on the brain is incredible. She really knows how to engage you and to teach you.

April 2019

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Charles Smith, Founder &CEO of Human Recourses
This was a great value.

To date, for me, this was the best speaker I have had the opportunity to see at a Vistage meeting. I was able to gather much information that I can present to my staff of dealing with our customers. This was a great value. Well done interactive-fun inclusive.

April 2019

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