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Jonathan is the founder of the Hellstrom Group, an international consulting company helping their clients connect with their employees, opportunities, and clients. He has worked with BP, State Farm, United Airlines, and other fortune 500 companies. For more than two decades Jonathan Pritchard has been traveling the world and entertaining audiences of all sizes as a Mentalist: someone who uses applied psychology & showmanship to make it look like he can read minds. (He’s not actually psychic; he’s just a phenomenal communicator.) Around college he got interested in Mentalism beyond how the tricks work and wondered why the tricks work. What is it about the human mind that allows experts like Jonathan to do what they do? This was the question that unlocked his career. Now, in addition to using his skills on stage to make people laugh & deliver unforgettable experiences for his clients, he takes audiences behind the ‘mental curtain’ and explains the principles that guide effective communication, negotiations, presentations, collaboration, and more. Since the dawn of time, man has struggled to understand the fundamental forces that control our lives. In pre-history there were Shamans who could see into the chaos and bring order to the world. Today, that role has fallen to the Magician. Magicians help us believe in the magic of possibility, and help us imagine a better tomorrow. In “[think] Like A Mind Reader™,” world-recognized expert in human psychology & performance, Jonathan Pritchard, reveals the psychology, creativity, and innovation that goes into making the impossible possible. It’s an interactive experience focused on lateral thinking, dynamic problem solving, and connecting with people in person & virtually. The lessons shared during the presentation are instantly applicable to the business world of marketing, employee engagement, customer acquisition, and beyond. Jonathan encourages you to share your imagination, discover your talents, and imagine a better tomorrow. Dream the impossible, and make it real. Jonathan can’t teach you how to be psychic, but he can teach you the next best thing how to [Think] Like A Mind Reader! KEYNOTES: • [Think] Like A Mind Reader! [most requested keynote] Attendees will learn: - Why “thinking outside the box” is impossible. - What the “box” truly is, and how to make it work for you. - Why motivation is useless. - What works, instead. - How to avoid the procrastination loop - Which is more important: trust or likeability. - A simple (but AMAZING) mind reading trick. And much more. . . Jonathan's keynote options also include: • INNOVATION • INFLUENCE WITH INTEGRITY • LOOK OVER THERE • ELITE PERFORMANCE • EFFECT FIRST • I’MPOSSIBLE Transformational Workshops: Attendees walk in with all their problems, frustrations, and challenges. After their time with Jonathan, they leave with new strategies, ways of thinking about the world, & believe in what they're capable of. For full information on Jonathan's work and services click to his website or social media from this profile.


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5 Reviews
Danny Lopatka Musician on TV show, Empire
What you do is undeniably amazing.

What you do is undeniably amazing. I will remember this for, literally, the rest of my life.

December 2018

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Yael Ellsworth
He's got powerful strategies ...

Jonathan spoke about increasing your business productivity via how you engage with your audience. I still refer to the notes I took from that talk now, about 2 years later. I took that much away from his talk. He's got powerful strategies that obviously work and I'm grateful that he shared them with me. They've made a huge difference in how I engage with people. Thank you.

December 2018

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Cassie Tafilaw Founder & CEO, 4Count Movement LLC
Jonathan is a rock star.

Jonathan is a rock star; in less than 10 minutes he streamlined my process by over 50% which will save me thousands in costs. He’s really easy to work with and tells you what you need to hear.

December 2018

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