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Fast Facts About John Nance: - Lives in Seattle, WA - Native Texan - Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran - Internationally recognized air safety advocate - Over 13,000 hours of flight time as Airline Captain and U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel, pilot - Author of 19 books – 13 novels and 5 nonfiction books - Published in 32 countries and 18 languages - Aviation analyst for ABC News and Good Morning America - Founding Board Member of the National Patient Safety Foundation With a well-earned reputation as one of the most effective and memorable Keynote speakers in the English language, John J. Nance is the perfect choice for meetings, conventions and gatherings large and small. His presentations are high energy, laced with appropriate humor and world-class story telling, and his hallmark is working in advance with his clients to fine-tune a perfectly targeted message every time. John's rich and varied personal and professional background merely starts with being a New York Times Bestselling Author of 21 books (both fiction and non-fiction). He is also a consummate broadcaster, lawyer, Air Force Colonel and pilot through two wars, a veteran airline captain and aerospace analyst with a solid background in business and corporate life, and his ability to leave audiences highly pleased, thinking hard, and thoroughly energized is truly unique. While John is a well-known consultant and presenter to healthcare worldwide, (inclusive of two major healthcare books), his expertise centers around how we, as humans, interact with our companies and jobs and each other. Using hard-hitting and very real stories from the journey of the airline industry from dangerous to near-perfect (and his background as one of the pioneers of Crew Resource Management deployment in aviation), John has had significant influence on system safety and industrial safety, as well as corporate leadership and communications and teamwork improvement in any human system. His programs are perfectly targeted toward any industry from high tech and big data to major manufacturing such as Alcoa or ExxonMobil. His pivotal role in aviation safety and his work on high reliability industries translates to any human enterprise with unforgettable force. The most common refrain from his audiences is: "I could have listened for hours more! I was only upset that it ended so quickly." In addition to his extensive and highly-effective programs in Healthcare and the practice of medicine, John is a perfect match for audiences of: 1. Corporate Leaders of all Levels, including Leadership Coaching, the MBA Community, and Leadership Development Training or academies within major corporations. Sample topics: *Leading (and inspiring) Carbon-Based Humans (and the Zeitgeist around Firing Captain Kirk). * The Harold Simmons Story, the One-Trick Pony, and titanium dioxide. 2. For Engineers and Safety Engineers and Safety Leaders in virtually ALL industries involving humans: John Nance's long-term leadership in Aviation, Medical, and Industrial Safety include significant work, consulting with, and presentations to industry at all levels, including oilfield, oil platform, major industrial plant safety (including Alcoa), safety engineering community functions, and many more. 3. Any audiences: John is a superlative and fascinating Master of Ceremonies suited to guide any meeting or program successfully, inclusive of working carefully in advance to fine-tune the plan.


Friday Harbor, Washington 98250
United States

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