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Joel Weldon | Hall of Fame Speaker, creator of the Ultimate Speaking System

The way you judge a speakers or coaches effectiveness is what does the audience or the trainee being coached, actually DO! For over 45 years Joel Weldon has been a RESULTS LEADER! Over 3,000 groups have hired him to speak and over 10,000 speakers have been coached and critiqued by Joel, all without any advertising, marketing, salespeople or booking agents. Why? Because ever presentation and coaching session is totally customized to the audience or the person being coached, nothing is "canned" except Joel's success can! Over half a million people have that can and most keep it on their desk. Joel has had the same contact information that's on that can since 1974, that's how he gets repeat business they never forget him or the message. Plus Joel can relate so well to people because of how his life has developed. As a former construction worker who turned down a four-year college scholarship because he thought he wasn't "smart enough" to go to college, Joel Weldon is living proof that human potential can be tapped, and your entire life transformed, when even one good idea is presented, accepted and acted upon. Today he's one of the most highly respected and sought-after speakers and speaking skills coaches in North America, and has been an Idea Consultant and Sales Trainer to many of the world's leading organizations and businesses for over four decades. Joel is a proven RESULTS getter and he guarantees everything he does. Ten Ways You Can Use Joel Weldon: 1. Seminar Leader - Sales/Leadership/Personal Development/Customer Service 2. Keynote Speaker - A High Energy 45 - 90 Min. BURST To Kick Off Your Event 3. Master of Ceremonies - Keep Your Entire Event Snappy, Fun & On Time 4. Day Starter - Jump Start Each Morning & Bring Them Back to Life After Lunch 5. Conference Closer - A Wrap of Your Entire Event To Add Value & Tie It Together 6. Work "one on one" with your top leaders who want to be even better speakers 7. Train your sales team that SPEAKS as a way to build your business 8. Custom Videos/Audios - You Own Them & Reproduce Them In Any Quantity 9. Event and meeting critiquer, to take what you do to a higher level 10. Contract Speaker - Idea Consultant/Any Combination of the Above For A Year Eleven Reasons Why You Should 1. Over 45 Years of Experience Speaking at Over 3,000 Events 2. Guaranteed Results/Fee Based on Audience Evaluation 3. Totally Custom Message/Detailed Custom Handouts & Visuals 4. It’s All About the Audience/ He Connects & Stays Connected 5. High Impact/Fast & Fun/A Laugh Every 70 Seconds 6. 50 Hours of Preparation/Nothing Left to Chance 7. Recipient of Top Four Awards/No Other Speaker Has All Four 8. Arrives Early/Stays Late/Will Mix & Mingle 9. High Energy/High Content/70 Hours of Material to Draw From 10. Attention to Detail/Total Professional/ALWAYS Onsite the Day Before 11. He Will “Promise A Lot, Deliver Even More!” Get ready for high-energy, rapid-fire, practical ideas that will create not just momentary excitement, but long term value! KEYNOTES: A.SPEAKING SECRETS- Using Speaking to Grow Your Business and Position Yourself as a Thought Leader and Expert *it's all about the audience not you...."so what and who cares!" *how to make your message..."impossible to be misunderstood!" *how to immediately connect with any audience... using just one word *how to open any message to create crystal clear clarity...KNOW-HAVE-FEEL *how to get the results you want every time you speak *the power of humor to energize your listeners B. LEADERSHIP — Making the Tough Decisions & Setting the Example • The 7 Principles of Inspirational Leadership . . . Shackleton as your role model • Building teamwork . . . Gaining commitment, not just compliance. • Don’t just lead your horses to water . . . feed them salt! • Making work fun . . . Using humor and celebrations in the workplace. • Communicating with the other 75% . . . Not everyone is on the same “channel.” • Conducting more effective meetings . . . Speaking with impact before groups. • Creating a motivational environment . . . Getting people to want to achieve. • Delegating and time management . . . Getting more done through others. C. SALES — The Science of THRILLING Your Customers • It’s the relationship . . . People buy from people they like. • Preparation—preparation—preparation . . . The will to prepare to win. • Powerful questioning techniques . . . Using qualifying questions. • Selling value, not price . . . Benefit and solution selling. • Using showmanship that sells . . . Five-sense selling that impacts. • Understanding and handling objections . . . Why 51% positive wins. • Making it easy to say yes . . . Closing without fear, without fumbling, without fail. • Promise a lot, deliver even more . . . Being extraordinary in your customer’s eyes! • Creative prospecting . . . Referrals, face-to-face prospecting, and telephone. • Emulate the top professionals . . . What the great ones do and how they do it. D. PERSONAL GROWTH — Forget the Excuses! Take Responsibility! • Embracing change as a positive . . . How change brings opportunity. • Improving consistently . . . As good as you are now, you can be even better. • Accepting absolute responsibility—no excuses . . . If it is to be, it is up to ME! • Practical creativity . . . Thinking in new dimensions with innovation. • Defining values and priorities . . . Writing and living by a personal mission statement. • Reducing tension and stress . . . The power of positive humor, even in the workplace. • Making a total commitment . . . It will be done — I’ll do it! • Developing focused thinking . . . Knowing the target, allowing no distractions. • Achieving realistic goals . . . Setting objectives and measuring results. • Conditioning for success . . . Developing positive habits, every day, forever! For full information, including Joel's NEW Ultimate Speaking System, click to Joel's website from this profile.



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4 Reviews
Jeff Remster
Joel is amazing.

Joel is amazing. I attended his free event in Austin, and listened to him speak in the past as well.

December 2018

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Jennifer Castro
He did an outstanding job!

“Joel sets the benchmark for speaker professionalism. As the VP of Education for AZMPI, I coordinated to have Joel speak at our October education program. He did an outstanding job! I was so impressed with the attention to detail that Joel placed in preparing to speak to our chapter. Joel has a dynamic stage presence. He spoke about "Coyote Power" - How to Thrive in a Climate of Change. His presentation could not have been timelier. I loved the parallel that Joel illustrated between achieving success in our current economy and strategies employed by coyotes over the last 92 years that has made them successful in spite of extermination attempts. Well done!”

December 2018

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Marcia Wahlgren
Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Joel Weldon has been a motivational keynote speaker at our year-end meetings as well as with smaller groups over the years at Neutron Industries in Phoenix. He has always impressed me with his attention to detail, the perfection of his presentation and how genuine and "real" he comes across as he communicates with the audience not only when on stage but also one-on-one. Joel's top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity ”

December 2018

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