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Jim Whitt | The Transformational Power of Purpose

It was the discovery of his purpose on March 21, 1988 – to help people reach their full potential – that transformed Jim Whitt’s life. The discovery of his purpose was the catalyst that launched his career as a writer, speaker, business consultant and film producer. Having personally experienced the transformational power of purpose, he developed a process to help others do the same. That process is the topic of a book, The Transformational Power of Purpose: Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life, and is available in an online course. As a business consultant Jim developed a purpose-based approach to leadership and organizational development. That approach is the topic of another of his books, Riding for the Brand: The Power of Purposeful Leadership. Jim’s background and education have provided him with a unique perspective in the field of personal and organizational development. He grew up working on farms, ranches and feedlots, earned a degree in animal science at Oklahoma State University and spent a dozen years in sales and marketing with two Fortune 500 companies. He views motivation and leadership from three perspectives – scientific, psychological and spiritual – which are summarized in his fundamental principle of human behavior – without a purpose our only motivation is reward and punishment. Jim has shared his purpose-based message with audiences around the world. Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines, calls him her favorite “people provoker.” He provokes people to venture outside the boundaries of their comfort zones and learn how to reach their full potential. His presentations are not only provoking – they are fast paced, highly interactive and served with a large helping of humor. Think of him as a cross between Jeff Foxworthy and Dr. Phil – he makes audiences laugh and think – all at the same time. Most Requested Topics: • The Transformational Power of Purpose Any animal can be trained using reward (the carrot) and punishment (the stick). Purpose is the only motive that engages the human spirit and empowers us to rise above our animal natures to become intrinsically motivated. Learn why purpose is the key to reaching our full potential and living a fulfilled and happy life. • Riding the Brand: The Power of Purposeful Leadership In the old west, a brand not only identified a ranch’s cattle, it was a symbol of pride and loyalty for all of its cowboys — they rode for the brand. People today want more from their work than a paycheck — they want to be partners in a cause. Like cowboys of yesteryear they want to ride for the brand. Learn how organizations are transformed through The Power of Purposeful Leadership. • The Power of Purposeful Change All animals are creatures of habit. But human beings are the only animals that can choose to change. Unlike old dogs, humans can learn new tricks when they understand the principles involved in creating new patterns of behavior. Learn the key to evolving and succeeding in a rapidly changing world. Contact Jim and his team directly for full information on keynotes, bespoke sessions, booking information and speaking inquires.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

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3 Reviews
Walt Gould
A great motivation speaker ...

Jim is down to earth and is a great motivation speaker and it the kind of person you can be proud to call a friend.

March 2019

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Timothy McCrate
Jim is an AWESOME person and the best motivational speaker I have ever heard.

Jim is an AWESOME person and the best motivational speaker I have ever heard. When I was going through a really rough time in my life he was there non stop and helped me through it. I am forever indebted to him thanks so much.

March 2019

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Colleen Barrett President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines
(Jim) your values and principles continue to hit home...

The members of our culture committee still rave about your visit. Thanks again for inspiring our People to reach their full potential and find their true purpose in life. Times are trying in the airline industry (as they are everywhere!) and your values and principles continue to hit home with all of the Southwest Warriors.

March 2019

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