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Jim Fannin | Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Best-Selling Author

Jim Fannin is the World’s #1 Coach of Champions. He has coached more champions in life, business and sports than anyone on earth. More than a “life” coach,” Jim Fannin is a “change your life” coach. His proven Zone Blueprint™ EMPOWERS you to SWIFTLY become your genuine, authentic best self. Jim has guided the careers of the world’s best professional athletes from 10 sports and business executives from 50 industries for more than 40 years. In addition, he has coached individuals, families, relationships and students in simplifying and balancing their lives. From winning Wimbledon, the World Series or a Gold Medal to losing 68 pounds…placing cancer in remission…saving lost marriages…helping a child make better grades…or overcoming financial ruin… Jim Fannin has been there for his clients. Jim’s success tools are NOT just for the super star. They are designed to help anyone reach their full potential as they tap into life’s most successful mindset…the Zone. As America’s ZoneCoach® Fannin brings startling success to those with varying skills and experiences, from performers who’ve reached the top of their game to those who haven’t seen their fullest potential. The ZoneCoach® turns every individual’s ingredients of ability and vision into a gourmet feast of peak performance. You set your goal and the ZoneCoach® guides you there with daily, weekly and monthly regimens. He’ll shake your comfort level only to broaden the confidence with which you accumulate goal after goal. For decades Jim Fannin has traveled the world in the professional trenches of competition and has emerged as a master of preparation and “moment of truth” adjustment. He has been directly involved in some of the greatest life, business and sports performances of all time. LET JIM FANNIN “WOW” YOUR AUDIENCE... As one of the foremost platform speakers in the world, Jim Fannin has successfully presented over 2000 keynotes from 50-15,000 attendees. He will customize his message to fully engage your audience, while meeting your corporate theme or mission. 3 TOP REASONS TO BOOK JIM... 1. INSPIRING As a master storyteller and educator, Jim will motivate your audience to greater heights. His message will spark individual and collective action. 2. ACTIONABLE TOOLS Every audience member will leave with proven, concrete tools that can be activated instantly. 3. IMPACTFUL Jim’s message will resonate and meet the test of time. Positive change will happen. TOPICS: • THE BLUEPRINT: A PROVEN PLAN FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING This keynote will deliver the proven plan to living your best life possible. With an eye on maximizing results in your business, Jim will reveal how to keep your life simple and balanced while producing maximum profit. • THINK LIKE A CHAMPION Jim doesn’t just throw around the word “champion.” As the “world’s #1 coach of champions” this iconic, interactive talk reveals the five intangibles world champions manage and maximize in order to reach the top in their business or sport. • THE SALES BLUEPRINT FOR SETTING RECORDS The art of sales record setting is the theme of this powerful, interactive keynote. • THE LEADERSHIP BLUEPRINT Jim has coached the world’s best leadership teams. He will share his process for developing great leaders from small to multi-national companies from 10-100,000 employees. • THE COUPLES BLUEPRINT TO A GREAT RELATIONSHIP Jim has helped 1000’s of couples re-ignite their relationship with simple 90-Second Rule™ tools. This keynote talk, full-day seminar or couples retreat will provide insight into developing a consistent, long-term relationship. • THE PARENT BLUEPRINT: COACH YOUR KIDS TO GREATNESS This part of life may be the toughest of all. It definitely has the most responsibility. In this talk Jim walks parents through the process of creating a greatness pathway for their children. “Your kids are only as great as what they think when you’re NOT there” states Jim.


Chicago, Illinois
United States

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4 Reviews
PETER J. HALEAS Chairman, Bridgeview Bank Group
My bank went from $150M to $1.5B in assets

Jim’s tools and techniques have not only helped me, my company, and my family, but they have helped me achieve balance among these arenas as well. In addition, my bank went from $150M to $1.5B in assets with record returns thanks to Jim.

April 2019

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Annette Murphy Actress and Screenwriter
Jim is awesome!

As a creative person, working with Jim Fannin is invaluable. He empowers you with concrete tools to reach all of your dreams. Jim is awesome!

April 2019

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Frank Thomas MLB All-Star; MVP; Hall of Fame
Reaching the Hall of Fame…I mean I owe it to Jim Fannin.

Reaching the Hall of Fame…I mean I owe it to Jim Fannin. To be honest, he taught me to live in the Zone. Once I started using Jim’s S.C.O.R.E.® System and following The Blueprint it changed my entire life and career. Check it out. It will change your life forever.

April 2019

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