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Jim Cathcart, CSP & CPAE | Rated Top National Sales Speaker 5 years running!

Increase your Sales I.Q.™ & Your Success Velocity™ - The Motivation Expert™ Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE can show you how! Jim is a leadership development expert, mentor, strategic advisor, motivational expert, sales consultant, entertainer and author of 19 books including The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling, international bestseller. • TEDx speaker: Top 1% (over 1.6 million views) • Inducted: Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012 (London/Paris) • Voted Top 25 Speakers for 2017 • Listed among Top Sales Influencers of 2014 & 2015 & 2016 • Voted TOP 5 Sales/Service Speakers 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014. 5 yrs in a row! • Member: Dean's Advisory Council for the School of Management at California Lutheran University. • Entrepreneur in Residence, CLU center for entrepreneurship. • Artist in Residence at High Point University, North Carolina • Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, CPAE. • Recipient of Golden Gavel Award and The Cavett Award. • Past president: National Speakers Association. • 42 years of professional presentations, over 3,200 clients worldwide. Jim's Keynotes, workshops and seminars include: SALES: Relationship Selling™ Purpose: To change the way people think about selling and teach them specific techniques in order to generate more sales with less resistance. To build their confidence and give them a clear direction for action. What Audiences Learn (topics available): • How to get all the business, not just one transaction. • The Eight Competencies Of Sales Readiness. • The subtle sales differences that produce major sales results. • See the ways people will teach you how to sell to them. • How to sell to buyers as they like to be sold to. • The true difference between cash flow and profit. • Rethinking the purpose of sales (To build profitable business friendships). • How to gain the edge over competition. • How to sell naturally, without pressure. • Studying needs and wants rather than just pitching product benefits. • How to keep the sales pipeline full. • Selling the idea not just the product. • Targeted Curiosity: Learning what to wonder about. • Advanced listening and questioning techniques. • How to be a Partner, not a Persuader. MOTIVATION: The Acorn Principle™ The Acorn Principle™ — Helping People Grow Motive and Action: Motivation is about getting things done, not just getting into the mood to do them. Purpose: • To generate initiative and build self-reliance • Based on the bestseller The Acorn Principle by Jim Cathcart • To show people how to grow themselves and their businesses by learning to find the natural strengths in situations and people. • To empower them to Help People Grow. What Audiences Learn (topics available): • How One hour a day in study can make you a leading expert in 5 years or less. • The Mastery Grid: Purpose & Contribution=Fulfillment • How to become a Thought Leader in your field. • How to use the eight vital elements of empowerment. • How to isolate the traits that make you unique. • How to align people into roles and relationships that bring out their best. • How to determine “how” a person is smart. • How to recognize your priority values. • How to motivate people without over or under doing it. • How to measure a person’s potential “velocity”. • Ask yourself: How would the person I’d like to be do what I’m about to do? • How to structure jobs to increase productivity. • How to achieve “optimum” performance. • Role agreements vs job descriptions. • Three essentials for productive relationships. SERVICE: UpServing: Lifetime Customer Loyalty Purpose: • To change the way people look at their customers, their business and what they are paid to do. • To get everyone to understand the importance of standards and systems in creating customer satisfaction. • To get them to recognize the profit potential and fun that exists in exceptional service. • To show how each point of contact contributes to the overall effect. What Audiences Learn (topics available): • You must be loyal to your customers before you expect them to be loyal to you. • The difference between Touch Points & Trust Points. • Why some things must always be done right. • How to get people to WANT to provide great service. • UpServing vs. UpSelling. • The importance of knowing How what you do makes life better for the recipients. • The “Causal Chain” from Mindset to Actions to Habits to Reputation to Relationships to Opportunities & Outcomes. • The “Grandma Factor” of keeping customers. • The purpose of business: to make life better for people, profitably (so you can continue doing it.) • How to convert average customers into great ones. (Where the leverage points are.) • How to discover how your customers see your organization. • How to identify both internal and external customers. • How to bring life to your mission statement. • The difference between Cash Flow and Profit. • How to eliminate the “termites” of bad service. • How to treat different customers differently yet as they want to be treated. • The difference between Service thinking and Operations thinking. For full information in Jim's Speaking, Consulting, Virtual Training and books click to his website below!

Opening Ceremonies keynote speaker at the USA Special Olympics in 2010.


Thousand Oaks, California 91320
United States

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8 Reviews
Art Hobba, CEO, Transcende
A seasoned sales and business psychology expert.

Jim, is a seasoned sales and business psychology expert. More than that, he carries a special gift. His oratory, story telling and business wisdom often captivates an entire audience. I watch them watch, write and listen while he speaks. Beyond motivation is inspiration and Jim continues to inspire..and educate his he has me.

January 2019

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Gerhard Gschwandtner, Owner, Selling Power Magazine
When he speaks, you can hear a pin drop...

I have worked with hundreds of sales experts, authors and speakers during the past 26 years and have never come across someone like Jim Cathcart. When he speaks, you can hear a pin drop in the room. Why? Because his message comes from a rare universe that's filled with compelling stories, powerful analogies and infinite wisdom.

January 2019

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George Morrisey, Chairman, The Morrisey Group
One of the sharpest and best grounded speakers and consultants that I know.

Jim Cathcart is one of the sharpest and best grounded speakers and consultants that I know. He has a special knack for helping others figure out how to succeed when they are facing challenges and uncertainty. His coining of "The Acorn Principle" is a landmark concept in the field of business and personal development.

January 2019

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