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“Leaders are not born. They are grown.” – Colonel Jill Colonel Jill Morgenthaler captivates international audiences with her courageous leadership experiences during wartime and peace with military units of men and women. A dynamic and masterful speaker, Jill shows audiences how to lead with confidence through her content rich, high-energy keynotes and seminars. Her unique experiences, ranging from a showdown with Saddam Hussein to saving an American engineer from a Soviet kidnapping, translate into universal lessons. Now, after 30 years of success in fast moving environments, Colonel Jill is sharing her leadership secrets with the world. She doesn’t simply tell audiences what to do. Her tailored speeches leave them with proven action steps so they can start leading the very next day with humor, respect and confidence. Colonel Jill is fiercely committed to guiding women and men to achieve success as they take their organizations forward in the best and worst of times. Jill’s ability to inspire, educate and entertain have made her a sought after and unforgettable leadership speaker. SPEAKING: Colonel Jill Morgenthaler has empowered people around the world as a dynamic speaker, leadership expert, and author of The Courage to Take Command: Leadership Lessons from a Military Trailblazer. Her energetic, entertaining, and highly educational keynote addresses have wowed audiences around the globe. Not only does Colonel Jill motivate and inspire an audience, she makes sure that people leave with knowledge and information that they can apply the very next day. Attendees will walk away knowing how to advance themselves and how to show the world they are ready to lead. Every presentation and keynote speech Colonel Jill delivers is tailored to your specific needs, and all speeches include her exciting showdown with Saddam Hussein, as well as inspirational stories that demonstrate how she took top command. The following keynote presentations are the most requested topics. > From the Battlefield to the Boardroom: Secrets to High Performance Leadership Success requires focus, discipline and creativity. In her signature keynote address, Colonel Jill shares the secrets to effective leadership through her unique HOOAH method: Heart, Optimism, Opportunity, Abilities, and Hands. This program provides step-by-step guidance so you can increase profits, boost morale, reach a goal, identify challenges, and overcome difficult people and situations. Highlights: • Heart: It’s we, not me • Optimism: A strong leader provides hope • Opportunity: How to create ways to lead • Abilities: Finding strengths and minimizing weaknesses • Hands: A leader is engaged and pitches in ______________________________________________ > Powerful Presence – Show & Tell Your Power Through B.M.I. First Colonel Jill will enthrall you with her showdown with Saddam Hussein. Then she will entertain and share how to present your own powerful presence. Some women roar ahead in their careers while others stagnate. Some advance their careers and some unknowingly sabotage their careers. Colonel Jill shows you ways to move forward, while eliminating unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back. You can easily incorporate these invaluable coaching tips into your social, personal and business skills. When you recognize and change certain behaviors, results pay off in career opportunities you never thought possible along with an image that identifies you as someone with the power and knowledge to lead and succeed. Highlights: • Project power through your body, mouth, and intellect • Show power through posture and presence • Tell others about you and what you want. Toot your own horn and take credit • Think powerfully with the tools to let others know you are meant to lead ______________________________________________ > G.R.I.T. – Tactics for Resilience & Persistence Studies have shown that grit is one of the most important character traits for success. Colonel Jill was not the strongest soldier or the smartest soldier, and yet she succeeded where others didn’t. She credits determination, pluck and grit. In her presentation, she will show you how to find the inner strength to succeed. Highlights: • How to “fake it ‘til you make it” • Six Principles for Persistence • G.R.I.T. – Tactics for overcoming obstacles


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4 Reviews
Marilyn Joy Owner, Mary Kay Cosmetic
Jill is your speaker of choice!

Jill is your speaker of choice! Whether you have a cruise for pleasure or business meeting for education, Jill will entertain and inform and leave you wanting more! Her experience and background coupled with her straight forward delivery will keep you smiling and writing notes at the same time.

November 2018

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Forbes Gilchrist Independent Business Owner at ForbesG
I highly recommend.

I first met Col. Morgenthaler when I needed a keynote speaker for the "Honoring our Heroes" event. I needed a high level of leadership, great speaking ability and a knowledge of our nation's service personnel and Homeland Security. She not only made good on her promise but exceeded all expectations. Since then she has proven her leadership and knowledge of Homeland Security through other engagements and meetings. I highly recommend her to anyone needed her services.

November 2018

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Scott Schmaren Creator of "The Quatric Formula for Success", Author of "Stepping Stones to Success", Hypnotist, NeuroPerformanceologist
Jill your are Amazing!

Jill is one of the best speakers I have ever heard on the topic of leadership. The incredible stories she tells on her experiences as an army colonel in Iraq are moving and she ties them in well with leadership in the business world. Jill your are Amazing!

November 2018

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