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Jerry Holl | Compelling Storyteller & Award Winning Author -- Entertaining, Informative, Inspiring!

Keynote Title: “Downhills Don’t Come Free” Three Key Questions: - From this moment forward, what will be the story of the rest of your life? - Will it be a story worth telling? - How will you ever know your best if you stay the same? Executive Summary: Jerry’s keynote address will simply inspire the audience to strive for, and achieve extraordinary performance! What: One man. One Bike. One Tent. One hell of an adventure! As a then 57 year old novice cyclist - Jerry rode a bicycle solo and unsupported from Alaska to Mexico encountering everything strange and wondrous that North America could throw at him. Why: Jerry’s quest was to see what he was to seek a full and vibrant life, strive for ‘explosive growth,’ and see what he was made of. It was his form of ‘personal R&D’ - he didn’t know how he’d grow, he just knew he would. How: Jerry takes the audience through his authentic story - how he came to take this journey - his limited preparation - the roller-coaster of ups and downs, both physical and mental - the impactful lessons learned - and the enormous opportunities and relationships that have come as a result. Three Major Themes: - You can do so much more than you think - Although I pedaled alone, it took a team to get me there - Find the best in those around you - and everyone’s performance soars Key messages: Through his 100% authentic story, Jerry inspires his audience to... - Seek their own form of ‘explosive growth’ - Ordinary people can do extraordinary things - Strive for their own ‘stretch performances’ - Don’t over-think, over-plan, or over-agonize - just get on with it! - Proceeding in the face of vulnerability - Discover your fears are mostly figments of imagination and self-inflicted - Courage over complacency - act with the courage to take mindful risks - Everyone has hidden talents - when unleashed they lead to incredible performance - Discover their own true capabilities are more than they ever thought possible - Lead others through inspired personal initiative and positive encouragement - Find the best in others and realize the synergistic power of teamwork - Tilt the playing field and get the edge for both yourself, and your organization - WIN! Somebody is going to win - why not you? Key audience takeaways from Jerry’s story....... - People come away inspired to think and act bigger - Inspires their mindset to unleash their innate talents - Understand that real growth and change occurs in the ‘stretch zones’ - Too many people hold THEMSELVES back - mindful risks break that barrier - Learn that mindful risk taking leads to inflection points of accelerated growth - Expansive boundaries are natural outcome navigating the unknown - Realize new opportunities you previously never contemplated or thought possible - Finding the best in others inspires ‘the team’ to incredible performance - benefitting all personally, professionally, and organizationally - Uncover new relationships and opportunities you never contemplated - Small stretches SHAPE your future - big stretches MAKE your future - Go MAKE your future, don’t just let it happen to you - Live a vibrant and abundant life - you only live once, why not live big?

This is a 90 second trailer on the ‘can-do’ audacity and trials of a 57 year old novice cyclist’s solo and unsupported bicycle journey from Alaska to Mexico.



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5 Reviews
John Gabos
Minneapolis Minnesota
Downhills Don’t Come Free - Keynote comment

“You presentation was wonderful. Possibly as great as the true story. Very Inspiring! Well done Jerry. Cheers! John Gabos - Founder - My Iceberg

November 2018

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David P. Geschwind, Executive Director & CEO, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

Thanks so much for attending and speaking at our annual meeting. Your presentation was captivating, and we appreciate you sharing your journey. We all enjoyed your presentation, and I continue to have people tell me how much they enjoyed listening to you. I agree completely. Many thanks for spending some time with us.

October 2018

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Tom Whelan
Compelling and carrying a relevant message, too.

That’s quite a tale you tell. Very well presented; compelling and carrying a relevant message, too. I hope to be more like you when I grow up! Cheers!

October 2018

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