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Jerry is a Brand Poobah, Networking Ninja and Marketing Rainmaker for independent professionals. He gives audiences on three continents both the motivation and the methods to achieve higher performance. The man who has charmed audiences since 1993 as “The Networking Ninja” and become the "Brand Poobah" will do whatever it takes to make your meeting more memorable. He uses props, demonstrations, interactivity... and his signature stories like “the Galactic Commander” and “A string of pearls” to give your attendees a memorable experience. SPEAKER SERVICES: Jerry Speaks for associations and corporations across the Americas and Europe. He is always open to engagements "down under " or other parts of the world where English is spoken or interptreters are available. ELITE CONSULTING SERVICES: Mr Fletcher provides business development advice for independent professionals. He prefers to work with the best in their particular area of expertise. He "takes them up a notch" in terms of marketing, communications and growth. Learn more at PRESENTATIONS: • Shortcut to Brand No matter where you are in the ongoing saga of your life or business the single most important reason for long-term success is Brand The way I see it: Brand is an expression of Trust. My job as Brand Poobah is to get you the business building knowledge you need to get to trust...and your brand: Personal, Professional, Coach, Consultant, Company, or Product. Delivered for you as a keynote , breakout or workshop. • 30-Second Marketing* Go from stranger to Trusted Advisor in 30 seconds or less. There is a secret to answering the question, "What do you do?" whether you are networking, building a website, presenting a proposal or in any way trying to clarify your services for a potential client or referral source. 30-Second Marketing replaces that tired "elevator pitch" with a conversation instead of a commercial. It is just one of his brilliant approaches. Every sale begins with a conversation. Every sale. When you have to start from never having met the person you are going to have to say and do the right thing just to continue the conversation .This way you will know instantly whether or not they are interested. Thirty Second Marketing trains you to talk with them not at them. You will learn how to "read" the person and become an astute judge of their interest. Based on the latest behavioral psychology findings *Our most popular program. Interactive. Available as Keynote, Breakout or Workshop for Associations and Corporations. OTHER PROGRAMS: "The Trust Goldmine" Based on his forthcoming book. "Secrets of a Networking Ninja" Includes “the Ladder of Dreams” --how to build a business one contact at a time. "Endless Referrals" Includes signature story “String of Pearls” gentle humor, networking tips, and motivation. "How to Turn Contacts Into Contracts" Go from an introduction to a sales close step-by-step.

Excerpts from Jerry's current keynotes and one of his signature stories " A string of Pearls"


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5 Reviews
Shell Tain, Money Coach, Founder $ensible Coaching
If you want to get your business on track...

If you want to get your business on track, find out what to improve, and GET IT DONE, he's your guy.

June 2018

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Manoj Garg, Founder, Virtual Information Executives
Jerry taught me and my team...

Jerry taught me and my team that the shortcut to trust is a personal touch.

June 2018

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Brandi Ebner, Executive Director, Oregon Horse Country
Folks that saw you said we had to have you back!

Before you leave could you check your calendar so we can book you for next year. Folks that saw you said we had to have you back.

June 2018

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