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Jerry Bridge is committed to helping your workforce or membership thrive in the face of too much stress and increasing demands in a technology driven world. Over the past 25 years he has presented inspiring keynotes and content rich workshops designed to reduce stress, enhance productivity and attain ideal work-life balance. KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS AND EDUCATIONAL SESSIONS ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO HELP INSPIRE LEADERSHIP, IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, WORK-LIFE BALANCE AND WELL-BEING Speaker: As a professional speaker, humorist, and author, Jerry is well known for turning complex topics into fun, engaging thought provoking programs. Jerry is a gifted speaker well known for his ability to help people reduce stress, build teamwork and improve performance. Jerry's passion is to lead inspiring, motivating programs that empower people and having lots of fun in the process. Author: Great speakers have a passion lifelong learning, capturing their best ideas and writing about them. Jerry follows form with his new book: "Who Cares? The give and take of Family Caregiving" Other books and articles include; "Is too much technology making us stupid?" and his latest project for the healthcare industry: "If healthcare is about well being, then why am I so stressed out?!" In addition Jerry has produced a variety of audio CD's and full length video sessions that compliment his written works. Collectively, his written material including workbooks, e-books, audio and video programs have had a dramatic and positive influence on people's performance and well being, at work and in life. Personal: Jerry is a baby boomer from Baltimore. He's never lost his fondness for his hometown sports teams, blue crabs and Maryland hospitality. Jerry has traveled the world, running marathons in Moscow, Greece and Belgium. He and his volunteer groups have raised tens of thousands of dollars toward ending hunger. Jerry is a drummer, knows his way around a kitchen, and has performed stand up at the world famous Comedy Store. He lives in San Luis Obispo with his wife Joy and cat, Jimmy. Keynotes: • Is Too Much Technology Making Us Stupid? Today’s world is all about speed and gathering information, superficial or otherwise. How does that affect our ability to comprehend, focus and enjoy our lives and do our work? What are the internet and technology doing to our brains? What can you do to take care of your wellbeing, save your sanity and bring focus and energy back to your life? A lighthearted inquiry into how stupid we can be using technology, smart phones and all! Three key points: 1. Understand and appreciate the Impacts of 21st century technology – you are not alone! 2. Personal Technology Impact Assessment on brain, body and productivity – where do you need help? 3. Learn principles, tools and best practices for more effectively working and living in a “crazy busy” world – What actions will you take? TAKE AWAY MESSAGE – It is possible to thrive in the face of too much technology and information overload. Make a commitment; learn best practices and you’ll get there! _______________________ • If Healthcare is About Well Being, Why am I so Stressed Out? The purpose of healthcare is to alleviate suffering and increase well being. And yet, vast numbers of clincians, administrators and medical staff are feeling over stressed, overwhelmed, over tired and burned out. Sick, distressed employees are prone to poor diet, lack of exercise, low energy and depression. Questions and key points: 1. Facing the challenge: exploration of the individual and collective sources of stress and negativity. 2. Assessment: what are your challenges and where do you need support? 3. Inspiration, encouragement, tips and tools for practicing ‘self care’- sharing ideas for exchanging anxiety and stress for relaxation, focus and greater well being! TAKE AWAY MESSAGE – Learning how to be ‘selfishly healthy’ – without sacrifice or guilt – will help you to be more relaxed, focused and effective in caring for others. _______________________ • Care Givers; Take Care, Balancing Work, Caregiving and Personal Well Being The number of workers with eldercare responsibilities is rising dramatically. More than 40% of US workers have provided care for an aging relative or friend in the past five years. About half of the entire workforce should expect to be providing eldercare in the coming five years! Whether you're a caregiver by profession or one of the many millions of american workers who now find themselves in that role, you'll benefit from resources, principles and best practices for balancing work, family and caregiving. This talk offers inspiration and healing, even a bit of humor, for helping your working caregivers to: Three key points: 1. More effectively deal with the emotional, financial, and physical, impacts of family caregiving 2. Know what critical steps you should be taking NOW and what resources are available; eldercare benefits, legal and financial. 3. Learn how to take better self care - without guilt, unnecessary suffering, and feelings of isolation, that often accompanies the caregiving experience. TAKE AWAY MESSAGE - Find inspiration, comfort, healing and humor in the face of your own care giving story - past or current. _______________________ • WHY AM I DOING THIS? RESTORING PURPOSE, PASSION AND POWER Ever wonder "why am I doing this job?!" Remember how excited you once were - looking forward to the challenges ahead? What happened? Over time, we often lose our passion or enthusiasm, get worn down by the work; we simply are not present to the possibility or opportunity of our work. 1. Explore powerful new ways to think about work and obligations, and all the stuff "you have to do" 2. Transform burdens, obligations, and tasks into purposeful, meaningful goals that leave you feeling energized and looking forward _______________________ Trainer & Coach: Jerry augments his keynotes and general session presentations with in depth teaching and coaching. Motivated, inspired audiences are delighted to attend one of Jerry’s content rich, companion breakouts and workshops. A seasoned veteran, Jerry integrates over 25 years of specialized training and development with Landmark Education Corporation; a leader and innovator in the field of transformational education. No matter the content – sales training, teamwork, or well being, attendees complete Jerry’s programs with practical tools, best practices and easy to apply take aways.


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3 Reviews
Jerry is a gifted, humorous-motivational speaker.

"Jerry brought humor and light-heartedness to our conference. His philosophy on life, work, and relationships is inspirational to all, regardless of age, gender, or position. Jerry is a gifted, humorous-motivational speaker."

November 2018

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I would recommend his programs without hesitation.

Jerry is one of the most sincere and intuitive presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to in a very long time. I would recommend his programs without hesitation.

November 2018

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Immediately connected with our audience.

"Jerry Bridge immediately connected with our audience. Jerry presented a heartfelt program that resonated with our members. He struck the perfect balance between content and delivery. Connecticut Assisted Living Association looks forward to working with Jerry again in the future and recommends him highly."

November 2018

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