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Jeff McKissack | Author, International Speaker - How to "spot trouble 'before' trouble spots you"

For over 30 years, Jeff McKissack has been teaching individuals as well as companies, corporations, and non-profits how to "spot trouble 'before' trouble spots you." This started with his work alongside an investigative reporter for ABC, CBS, and NBC News landing him in schools across the country, educating educators. Later, this led to his own company, Defense by Design, addressing the topics of violence and prevention as well as social engineering with the professional world through conferences, conventions, continuing education seminars, employee training events, client value-add events, and corporate PR events. Jeff has spoken to over 350,000 in live audiences during his career, but countless others through radio and television interviews as well as at least one "TED Talk". He is a contributing writer to several national trade publications as well as book author. Jeff is certified in a number of professional fields for continuing education, including the medical, legal, financial, educational, ministerial, real estate, human resource, risk management, and insurance professions to name a few. Speaker Programs: • Reducing Security Concerns in the Workplace How can companies both enhance the safety and security of their people as well as reduce their potential legal exposure and liabilities associated with these? Strategies to proactively posture businesses in such regards as well as proper documentation procedures are addressed. • Predicting Violent Behavior Whether road rage, random acts of violence or similar, what are the various types of violence that should concern us, whether on or off the clock? Strategies to mitigate such personal and professional risks are addressed to help create safer workplaces through safer people and practices. • Luring Your Money How do professional con artist work their way into our lives and finances? Red flags of concern as well as strategies to discern such deception are addressed to better understand and prevent those who would seek to do us and our financial portfolios harm. • Safety, Security & Social Engineering Despite the best of cameras, alarms, access controls, firewalls, anti-virus, and similar, untrained people remain any company's greatest vulnerability and liability. This presentation addresses how internal employees may be compromised via impersonation, bribery, or blackmail, compromising your physical as well as data security measures. • Sell Like a Criminal Criminals and con artists are often professional sales people, selling others through weaving stories of deception. What can we learn from these personality experts to make us better sales people, though obviously for more noble purposes? Various profile traits as well as techniques will be addressed. ** for full information on Jeff's client options and service range including more on Employee Training Events and Client Value-Add Events click to his website from this profile **

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Ruth Guidry

Great presentation at LONE.

July 2019

Thank you, Ruth. It was a great audience as well!

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