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The way we manage work isn’t working. EMPLOYEES AREN’T ENGAGED AND ARE MOVING ON. It doesn’t have to be this way. KEYNOTES • Unlocking High Performance: How to Use Performance Management to Engage and Empower Employees to Reach Their Full Potential What You’ll Learn: - Why traditional management practices have failed us - How work as a contract is being replaced by work as a relationship - Managing performance is really about creating the right kind of employee experience - To manage human performance through experience requires planning, cultivation and accountability - Case studies and examples for how to transform the performance of your team or organization • Being the Best: The Surprising Secret to Building a Best Place to Work Learning Objectives: - Understand what organizations with exceptional workplaces do differently than others to engage and retain their best talent. - Discover the common elements found within “Best Places to Work” and what they tell us about how to create the most engaging workplaces. - Gain practical advice for how to take action within your organization to implement the lessons from “Best Places to Work” in order to increase employee engagement and performance within your own organization. • The Relationship Comes First: Discovering the True Path to Employee Engagement Learning Objectives: - Deconstruct employee engagement practices to discover why and how the current model is falling short by focusing on maximizing employee discretionary effort. - Discover that for employees, work is an important relationship and that the work experience should be designed as a relationship for employees rather than as a company process to be optimized. - Gain a deeper understanding of the elements that make for a healthy relationship and how to use this model to design a more engaging and fulfilling experience for employees at work. • What Are You Waiting For? Find the Courage to Disrupt Learning Objectives: - Identify key mental obstacles that are holding you back from making a bigger impact. - Explore the nature of courage and how to find more to fuel your work. - Discover some key skills to equip yourself to move past your fear and accomplish breakthrough results. • Hacking HR: Big Change Starts with Thinking Small Learning Objectives: - Participants will gain a deeper understanding for how change and innovation occurs. - Participants will learn to use a simple process derived from computer hacking to drive change and progress in their work in HR, regardless of their level or expertise. - Participants will practice hacking an actual aspect of their work (for example: team meetings, performance appraisals, preparing reports, etc.) and will leave with actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately. • Making Performance Management Human-Friendly What you will learn: - Explore how traditional performance management approaches are flawed because they focus on enforcing compliance rather than motivating behavior - Learn how to make performance management processes including performance reviews, one-on-one meetings, and 360-degree feedback more human-friendly - Discover how to use the “relationship test” to redesign processes to be more human-friendly and engaging *For full information on Jason's service range, clients options and keynotes click to his website linked from this profile.


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4 Reviews
Dawn Burke, VP of People, Daxko
After seeing Jason speak I had to share him with my organization.

After seeing Jason speak I had to share him with my organization. Both his workshop and keynote on engagement received some of the highest feedback scores I’ve seen. One participant wrote, ’Wonderful presentation and relevant content. I left feeling empowered. And filled with creative ideas‘. As a speaker Jason has it all: credibility, creativity and great content!

March 2019

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Felica Hazuka One Source, The Background Check Company
We are energized from our experience!

One Source has no intention of resting on our laurels. We want to keep growing and in order to do that effectively our team members have to grow continuously. We met our last set of 5 year goals and in planning the next 5 wanted to objectively reflect on what we could be doing better? Differently? Knowing we want to be the best in our industry, we decided to start by evaluating how we could become the best place to work. Working with Jason allowed us a no-nonsense view to hone in our strengths and opportunities, gave us fresh perspective and added guidance to help affirm the path to ensure we meet our next set of goals. We are energized from our experience!

March 2019

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Scott Bovick Sarpy County Deputy County Administrator
Your guidance was practical and worthwhile.

Jason, we had another great response to the training. We are on our second round of One-on-one’s with our Department Heads and they are proving to be very beneficial. I know many of our Department Heads have been having one-on-one’s with their staff. Effective communication is always a work in progress, as you know, but the feedback I have received is that your guidance was practical and worthwhile.

March 2019

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