Janet Zaretsky is a master professional coach, author, and speaker who helps people unleash their brilliance, confidence and visibility in the world. Janet has worked with over 32,000 people in the past 22+ years. Janet is a powerful advocate for ending the gender gap, both in pay and influence. Her work with women has led her to be a frequent contributor to Forbes and the author of “Where’d My Confidence Go… and how do I get it back?”. She is an International Coach Federation member, Enhanced Conversational Intelligence Coach, Certified in Behavioral Style Instruments, graduate of Coach U, and former senior program leader for Landmark Worldwide. Working with Janet, you will elevate your ability to get heard, get noticed and get ahead. If you want more power, more confidence, more money and experience the success you know you deserve, you want Janet in your corner- kicking gently and cheering you on! As a speaker, her style is direct and fun and highly interactive. She specializes in having people leave in action with a new perspective, more power and fulfillment. She has a menu of customizable talks. She is an expert in communication, conflict resolution, high performance, power and leadership and both speaks and does corporate training on all areas. A message from Janet... "Here’s what I’d like you to know about me… In all my years of coaching people one thing I know for sure; you are committed, brilliant and talented and …… sometimes, you doubt yourself, sometimes you get stopped and stuck. Sometimes you just need a partner in having you succeed. I am not fluffy. I tell you like it is. I have a no-nonsense, direct and practical approach. I provide laser, intentional, results-producing business success coaching for leaders, rising leaders and executives who are committed to producing out of the ordinary results in their careers. I also provide high-level results coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and make more money. If you want someone who is powerful and effective in your corner, I am your coach. My accomplishments include those I achieved in my first career in large corporations and state agencies, as a Registered Nurse, where I gained management experience, design and implementation of systems and teams and received numerous awards for newly created and launched systems and processes. My second career launched when I was trained by Coach University. I leveraged my knowledge and accomplishments to become a business coach in 1996 during the infancy of this industry. I have coached executives and business owners ranging from industries such as financial services, advertising, medicine, academia, technology, interior design/architecture, physical fitness to many different small businesses across the spectrum. I hold a Certification in Behavioral Style Instruments and Enhanced Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ). I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and former senior program Leader for Landmark Worldwide. As a master business success coach and strategist, I have had the privilege of having led programs and coached over 32,000 people in the past 22+ years. I am the author of the book; “Where’d My Confidence Go? .. and how do I get it back?” as well as a frequent contributor to Forbes. I can be heard on iTunes podcast, Brilliant You (launching April 2018) I love coaching people to be the best “them” they can be. I have discovered how often we all get stuck and even stopped from achieving our own potential and how, with some direct coaching, we all can soar in our careers and businesses. I am good at what I do. One of my favorite things someone said about me as a coach is “You are a rare piece of art that cuts through the junk and has people be at the source of manifesting their life by design. You are a master of distinguishing, recognizing, motivating people to see, create, plan and take action in their life and those things that matter to them.” I currently live in Austin, Texas with my husband of 30 years, Lee. Lovers of great wines, we enjoy travel and explore other cultures around the world. Our daughters, granddaughter and grand-dogs are the great joys of our lives.' MY SPEAKING: "We have all sat through boring speakers; speakers who are talking ‘at’ us, speakers who are so polished that you feel like they are reading a book and you as a listener are unimportant. I am not that kind of speaker! I have spoken for nearly 20 years in front of over 31,000 people. I have been trained by some of the best in the industry. I have been described as a direct, powerful and gripping, yet fun speaker. My speaking style is engaging, interactive, impactful and fun. Like my coaching style, I am direct, no – nonsense and highly related. When I am in front of people, it is really like we are having a conversation together – just in front of a lot of other people! I am available to speak on a variety of topics and am happy to discuss your needs and create something that fulfills what your organization is looking for. Contact me to discuss your needs." MOST REQUESTED KEYNOTES INCLUDE: - Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse: 3 Keys to Get Noticed, Get Heard and Get Ahead - Hidden Secret to High Performance - Don’t Let Your Brain Hijack Your Power - Change makers: Women Empowering their Future - Be a Powerhouse Business Woman - Unleashing the Leader Within - Communicating with Style - The Power of Really Listening - Acknowledgment: Key to Productivity [for full details on Janet's keynotes visit her website https://janetzaretsky.com/speaking/]


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Casey Romero, RN, Hospice Liaison
Who I am now is a woman of integrity that knows who I am and stands for what I want.

Working with Janet is refreshing to say the least. Her coaching is eloquent and masterful. She has the ability to listen and hear everything behind what I don’t say. Before Janet coached me I was someone who let things “slide by”, I didn’t hold others to account, and I especially didn’t hold myself to account. Who I am now is a woman of integrity that knows who I am and stands for what I want. I effectively make a difference for others in both my personal life and career.

April 2018

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Tunde Makun
a blessing to me...

My Coach has been a blessing to me because she came at a time when I needed a shift in my business profile. Being an Entrepreneur of about 10 years, I actually have already had a number of profitable businesses. Still something was amiss – I just didn’t feel truly satisfied.When I decided to explore this coaching program I was loaded with skepticism. But this unique program has offered me real insights to the cause of my dissatisfaction in business. The clarity brought on by working with my Coach has allowed me to put my life and thinking processes into alignment. Of particular value was discovering my life’s purpose and it is one which I’ve not found replicated anywhere else. In a short 10 weeks of working with my Coach, my business portfolio is now being re-packaged and I am ready to move to a whole new level. And the best part is I can now actually visualize a transition to living the life of my dreams and doing what I love!

April 2018

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