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Jane Blaufus, CLU | Best Selling Author | Keynote Speaker | Business Coach

Jane Blaufus has been on both sides of the table, first, as an advisor delivering the checks and later as a beneficiary receiving the checks. In just sixty-seconds, her life turned upside down, she became a widow with a twelve-year-old daughter, and a financial tsunami coming her way after her 39-year-old husband was killed in a tragic accident. A veteran of the financial services industry – she uses a combination of both compelling storytelling and industry insights to deliver presentations that are sure to ignite and capture both the head and heart of your audience. She is the bestselling author of the book WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN: Claim your life. Her book and comprehensive planning binder have become acclaimed as two of the most comprehensive, actionable, personal and financial planning resources available today for families, individuals and business owners alike. Jane brings to the table 25+ years of insurance expertise as a financial advisor, sales manager and executive responsible for the development, delivery and implementation of recruiting and selection processes and sales and marketing training to thousands of people in the sales force. Today she is the Principal of The Blaufus Group Inc., based in Toronto, Canada. A highly sought after international keynote speaker Jane delivered a highly rated focus session at the MDRT Vancouver 2016 convention and was featured on the main platform at the MDRT PEAK 2017 Convention in Pattaya,Thailand. She is a frequent guest expert on national TV/Radio, a Huffington Post blogger and is a faculty member, recommended speaker and coach for the Hoopis Performance Network. Her reputation and expertise make her an influential coach to many sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Jane believes that to excel in today's marketplace, the key to success is relationship building and she walks the walk and talks the talk. TOP 3 MOST REQUESTED KEYNOTES: 1. Courageous Conversations Suddenly widowed and left with a twelve-and-a-half year old daughter after the tragic death of her husband, Jane knows first-hand how important having a solid trust relationship with your financial advisor really is and that it goes far beyond the products and services they sell. In this powerful presentation, she will share her story of loss, coming through the darkness and out the other side to live and love again. Join her as she shares through the eyes of your clients tips and strategies to have the ‘courageous conversations’ with your clients and their loved ones, to peel the onion and dig deep to build trust relationships and become an advisor for life! 2. Women & Wealth There is a changing face of wealth in North America. Moving forward women will represent an increasingly influential segment within the Wealth Management market. Here are just a few important things to know: • 70% of women will change their husband’s advisor(s) within one year of the death of their spouse/partner • 90% of women will be required to play the role of sole financial decision maker at some point in their lifetime • By 2026, women in North America will control close to half of all accumulated financial wealth This target market represents a significant amount of future business for professionals. Therefore, are you already working in this market? If you are, are you doing what is necessary to become an advisor for life? If you are not already working in this market, what is preventing you from doing so? In this presentation, Jane will offer up important insights, tips and strategies as to what is important for professionals to keep top of mind 3. Is There Really a Connection Between Mental Wellness & Financial Wellness? Mental Wellness & Financial Wellness go hand in hand and as a society we are talking more about mental health in the workplace but we also need to be discussing financial wellness. In surveys where they ask employees what causes you stress, the answer that tops the charts is consistently personal finance. In a recent survey conducted by a large company, they found three of the top four stressors are: • Personal and household finances (45 per cent) • Budgeting (32 per cent) • Unexpected finances (31 per cent) As well, one-third of respondents reported feeling insecure about their overall financial health. Personal finance gets into our life; it gets into our sleep, into our self-esteem, into our relationships. In this presentation, Jane will offer up important insights, tips and strategies as to what is important for professionals to keep top of mind when working with clients and their families to help minimize this stress. CONTACT JANE AND HER TEAM TODAY TO CHECK JANE'S AVAILABILITY TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT. ________________________ COACHING: Let’s talk about COACHING together... * Is it time to make more money, so you can sleep soundly at night and have more fun along the way? * Has your business stalled and you need a kick-start to take it to a new level? * Is it time to develop an action plan to define and prioritize improvement areas in your business? * Is it time to grow your business and profit in the long term? * Are you finally ready to uncover the real issues holding you back and deal with them systematically? CONTACT JANE AND HER TEAM FOR FULL DETAILS ON COACHING WITH JANE.



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You need Jane!

If you are in need of a jolt to your current thinking, work ethic or approach to your need Jane! We were fortunate enough to have Jane speak informally at a small gathering the evening before our meeting. One of the attendees from the evening gathering spoke up the next day about the changes she had implemented after speaking with Jane that had provided positive results within hours. You can't ask for more than that; for someone to take away something so positive and see results almost immediately. That's the impact Jane has and once you have heard her passion and perspective you will see things differently and that is truly a great thing. Thank you Jane!

January 2018

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I highly recommend Jane as your next key note speaker.

I highly recommend Jane as your next key note speaker. A passionate, dynamic, compassionate speaker, Jane has the difficult conversation with her audience on the steps needed in difficult and tragic circumstances. Jane is a consummate professional and a delight to work with, she engages her clients in conversations for the utmost in preparation. "With the Stroke of a Pen" - Claim Your Life - a guide that will support anyone through tough times.

January 2018

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Jane's delivery was professional and warm...

With pleasure we welcomed Jane Blaufus to our Professional Development day in Halifax. Jane reminded us of our calling as advisors and the importance of working with our clients to fully document their plans and dreams. Jane's work in speaking and helping advisors document this preparation for clients is a 'game changer'. Jane's delivery was professional and warm while conveying a message we will never forget.

January 2018

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