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Jackie Martin | International Keynote Speaker, Consultant & Coach

Jackie Martin believes that the desire to grow, achieve and succeed are all a matter of personal motivation. That's why she founded A Matter of Motivation (AMOM), a motivational enterprise designed to inspire others to have more, do more, and be more at work and at home. She wants to light the fire in every individual, leader, and organization! Jackie’s goal is to help you connect with your purpose and passion so you can fall in love with what you do. When you love what you do you're more productive, creative, safe, loyal, energized and ultimately more satisfied in just about everything you do. At AMOM, Jackie and her team utilize training, coaching, mastermind groups, and workshops to share skills and stimulate personal and professional growth so you and your team can be more intentional, focused and fun. All of that trickles right down to the customer! As a professional speaker, trainer, and motivator, Jackie has been providing exceptional training for organizations across the world for more than 20 years. She delivers customized trainings and transformational presentations designed to inspire individuals to realize their full potential. Because it's what she loves to do, she delivers the message in a fun, fast-paced, interactional way featuring tons of exercises and group participation. She include best practices, role plays, stories, and ongoing discussion to help the learning stick. When her participants have fun they remember what they learned and are more likely to make a change! In addition to being the CEO and Founder of A Matter of Motivation, Jackie is a Professional Speaker with the National Speakers Association, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership trainer, a Certified Change Cycle expert and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. SPEAKING: Programs Offered - Lighting the Fire Within You and Keeping it Lit 70% of the American workforce is disengaged at work! If you want to head to work every day excited, focused and ready for the day, then connecting your purpose to your profession is key. Join us as we explore the ways to identify and tap into that inner purpose to help fuel the fire that keeps us engaged and excelling at home and at work. Key Points: 
• Find your fire and fan the flames 
• Reveal who’s really responsible for your motivation
 • Discover key personal motivators and which are most effective
 • Find your sweet spot and stay in it 
• Identify what successful people do to love their job
 • Finding and staying in environments that fuel your own fire
 • Empowering yourself to take control of your own motivation Don’t Let Comparison-itis Rob Your of Your Joy _________________________________ - Creating a Connected, Engaged, and Productive Place to Work Motivate your team to reach new heights by sparking inspiration with engagement strategies from specialist Jackie Martin. She’ll be highlighting the importance of engagement in client relations and overall organizational success and sharing her expert advice on how to attract and keep loyal, happy employees. See how you can help your team members to connect the dots between their position and their purpose in the organization and create a dynamic and collaborative environment that will enable them to thrive. In this class, we’ll be discussing how to: • Assess the current level of engagement in your organization • Get your team energized, focused and headed in the same direction • Clear the path to effective communication with each other and with clients _________________________________ - Making Magic Leading Millennials Key Points:
 • Tapping into the motivational forces
 • Keys to job satisfaction and growth
 • Creating a positive environment across the generations
 • Understanding how to lead millennials in a way they respond best
 • Create an environment where everyone is appreciated for their skills and talents 
• Identify areas to improve connect-ability across the generations _________________________________ - Creating a Connected and Engaged Workplace Key Points:
 • How bad is employee engagement really? • Discover how to get your team energized, focused and headed in the same direction 
• Clear the path to effective communication with each other and with customers 
• Make interpersonal conflict a thing of the past.
• Learn to attract and keep loyal, happy employees
 • Create a workplace that you and your team can’t wait to get to each day


Cumming, Georgia
United States

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5 Reviews
Attendee of the Empower Conference for Laserfiche.

Excellent class and great presenter!!!

April 2018

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Attendee of the Empower Conference for Laserfiche.
A great motivator!

As you must know, a great motivator! Thanks for bringing her to the conference.

April 2018

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Attendee of the Empower Conference for Laserfiche.
Officially one of my favorite sessions!

Officially one of my favorite sessions!  Great content, handouts, etc.

April 2018

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