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Jack Mackey | What Customers Love | How to Create Loyalty-Inspiring Experiences and Drive Growth

Are you growth-minded? Jack shows how the world’s best brands create loyalty-inspiring experiences that drive sustainable sales. Jack's top-rated keynote speech, "What Customers Love: what every leader must know and do well," teaches what it takes to win loyalty and grow a service business. His program "Scale Up Your Leadership: how to galvanize your people," helps corporations and associations increase discretionary effort, teamwork and retention. Participants in Jack's leadership workshop, "Chart Your Course to Loyalty Leadership," grasp what it takes to build the customer-preferred local brand: how to measure, analyze and act on customer feedback, nurture a contagious culture of service and develop a profitable customer experience strategy. ⭐️HOW WE'LL WORK TOGETHER - A PERSONAL NOTE FROM JACK MACKEY: I am a roll-up the shirt-sleeves executive and get-it-done leader - probably a lot like you. You and your audience are the focus of our efforts! When you invite me to your conference, we’ll collaborate to meet your goals and deliver an unforgettable audience experience. Here’s how: First, I connect with you via Zoom to get acquainted, learn who’s attending your meeting and listen to your event objectives. Then, with your permission, I’ll interview a couple of key stakeholders to gain an insider’s view of your people and culture. Next, to help you create buzz and increase your attendance, I’ll create a personalized pre-meeting video “trailer” showing what the audience can expect to gain from our time together. For live events, I arrive on-site the day before so you can rest assured there will be no travel drama. I’ll meet your AV team to set up and deal with presentation details. The night before, I’d love to socialize with your audience members. During my time on stage I’ll offer your audience extra complimentary resources and a free subscription to The Jack Mackey Experience Video-Blog – to extend the learning beyond the presentation. Finally, I connect more deeply with many more audience members by attending the full day of your conference. I love to join your educational sessions and make myself available for pro-bono consulting conversations. My Services include: • Tailored Keynote and interactive breakout sessions • Actionable training webinars • Virtual coaching/cohorts Your best value for on-site engagement, and my client-favorite service includes: Tailored Keynote + interactive breakout session to learn and practice applying the concepts. For a virtual presentation, your best value and my client favorite service includes: TED-like 18 minute concept keynote followed by a 30 minute application training session and 10 minutes Q&A. Sound interesting? Are you Intrigued? Should we be talking? To learn more, call me at 816-588-3447. Or book a meeting on my calendar at ⭐️JACK’S TOP-RATED KEYNOTE: What customers love: what every leader must know and do well Educational/inspirational - Humorous/funny - Audience involvement This Keynote program is perfect for: • Leaders in corporate and franchise companies • Entrepreneurs and business owners • Association and non-profit leaders The audience will take away: • What most leaders don't know: why the absence of loyalty is the greatest inhibitor of growth; why even satisfied customers defect and how to stop losing your most valuable customers. • When will superior customer experience - not price or product - drive loyalty and growth? It's here now. • You can market all you like, but people believe what they experience and what their friends experience • Fresh ideas to instill authentic empathy and hospitality into your customer experience • How leaders differentiate from competitors in ways they can't copy "What Customers Love" reveals what leaders must know and do well to win in today's experience economy. Get proven-to-work customer experience strategies that win loyalty, referrals and growth. ⭐️JACK’S RECOMMENDED COMPANION BREAKOUT SESSION: Chart Your Course to Loyalty Leadership Educational/practical - Humorous/funny - Audience activities This program is a breakout session designed to accompany Jack's keynote on What Customers Love. It is targeted to: • Leaders in corporate and franchise companies • Entrepreneurs and business owners • Association and non-profit leaders How can we expect our customers to love us, if our employees don’t? It can’t be done. True loyalty-leaders grow twice as fast as their industry average and operate with 15% lower costs in customer acquisition and employee turnover. • Nurture a contagious culture of service: If you can't sell it on the inside, you'll never sell it on the outside. • Each participant receives bonus summary: Great Place to Work Assessment • Develop an effective customer experience strategy: Greatness is achieved when customers say we're great. • Bonus self-assessment: Leadership in Service-Based Organizations. • Measure, analyze and act on customer feedback: Energy goes where attention flows. "Charting your course to loyalty leadership" helps leaders tailor the ideas from Jack's keynote speech to apply in their own environment as an extra benefit of attending your conference. ⭐️ABOUT JACK MACKEY: Jack started his business career at age 13, selling used golf balls “harvested” from the course lakes. He was first exposed to world-class service working for 5-Star hotels like the Arizona Biltmore and San Francisco Fairmont. His service leadership and performance improvement consulting career began in the hospitality industry. Jack served as long-time Chief Evangelist at SMG, an experience management and technology firm that evolved from loyalty research at the Harvard Business School. At SMG, Jack advised and shaped the thinking of more than 700 service-based organizations; he helped them change the way they do business to focus on organic growth. Jack is also a Founding Member of the global customer experience professional’s association (CXPA), serving 4500 professionals world-wide. Today, he serves with Mark Sanborn, Simon Bailey and Colleen Stanley on the global faculty at Crestcom International, where his service management training programs are translated into 14 languages and presented in 30 countries. Jack Mackey’s presentations brim with actionable customer insights and entertaining real-life examples of what customers love. Jack is known for creating a spirit of creative discontent with the status quo and leaving leaders with exciting, proven approaches they can act on now.

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5 Reviews
Jim Afinowich Past President, International Business Brokers Association
He set a new standard for what we expect at our conventions.

I’ll always be grateful to Jack Mackey for making me a hero when I was President of IBBA. I had invited Jack to address our national convention of independent business owners-a fairly hard-boiled bunch. His interactive and humorous presentation style completely engaged them – so much so that our Executive Committee insisted we invite him back and double his time on next year’s convention program. Jack did more than get invited back – he set a new standard for what we expect at our conventions.

October 2019

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John Harris International Marketing Manager, Crestcom International
Thunderous standing ovation!

Jack Mackey delivered the best presentation at our international convention in the last 20 years. He had our franchisees screaming for more. When they finally let him leave the stage, it was to a thunderous standing ovation.

October 2019

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Susan Hern Director of Operations, Nothing Bundt Cakes
I would highly recommend Jack ...

Jack Mackey was so instrumental in the success of our conference it is hard to put it into words. He deeply captured the attention of our attendees regarding the power of customer experience. Most importantly, he presented in a way that was so relatable the audience was laughing one minute and crying the next and furiously scribbling notes in between. I would highly recommend Jack for any conference or speaking event.

October 2019

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