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Ilene Dillon | Author, Keynote Speaker & Emotional Mastery Expert

Ilene Dillon is “The Emotional Pro”! Ilene Dillon, LCSW and MFT, has spent the past 45 years helping people resolve a wide range of emotional and personal challenges. Internationally recognized as “The Emotional Pro,” Ilene is dedicated to helping people who feel “stuck” in life to get unstuck. Because stuck and unresolved emotions create the most challenging blockages in life, Ilene leads people to master their emotions, which opens the door for them to create the lives they really want. Mentor, coach, author of more than 20 books and workbooks, CDs and Videos, and professional speaker, Ilene specializes in following ancient, Universal principles to help people create easy-to-follow, commonsense and powerfully effective solutions to their challenges and struggles. Following a Partnership model, Ilene’s approach gives the people with whom she works the tools for developing and maintaining their own masterful and amazing life. KEYNOTES: • Master Your Emotions Discover What Taking Charge of Your Emotions Can Do For You Discover and understand how emotions work and how to work along with emotions to MASTER them effectively. Learn how to get your emotions working for you, instead of taking over. Uncover the secrets to Mastering Your Emotions in every area of your life. You will begin to create a more balanced and empowered life when your emotions are under control. Discover how emotions can: - Affect your brain and overall self-esteem - Impact your relationships and life challenges - Develop your attitudes and experiences - Determine your level of success • Master Anger – The #1 Emotion Empower Yourself by Taking Control of Our Most Powerful Emotion Everybody feels anger — it’s a natural emotion; yet it can harm us if not under our control. When anger is held onto for too long it can make you sick—or even kill you! In fact, if you suffer from low self-esteem, certain forms of depression, or feel guilty……you are most likely angry and have stayed that way for years. In this highly informative presentation you will learn how to take command of anger with a 5 step process, and uncover the secrets to becoming more empowered. Learn how to: - Unlock the 5 ways anger works through us and harms us - Stop holding onto anger so that it doesn’t pile up inside of you - Empower yourself instead of getting angry - Take control of anger to make room for a happier life • Master Your Fears Discover How Living Fear-Less-Ly Transforms Your Life’s Journey Consider living Fear-less-ly. When you live Fear-les-ly you have no concern about asking for a raise; you know you deserve one. You move easily into new situations and activities. You trust your own intuition and knowing. You trust others (including your children) to live the experiences and lives right for them….so you no longer worry. You hold a wider perspective—about everything! Today, fear is gripping almost everyone. The #1 thing we can do for our selves and our world is to Master Fear. Stop being dominated by fear; start living Fear-less-ly. Mastery Over Fear will change every level of your life—forever. Discover how: - Resisting fear creates problems - Becoming involved with fears of others hurts you - To respond immediately when you notice you’re afraid - Focus and intention allow you to deal powerfully with fears of all kinds


Livingston, Texas 77399-205
United States

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5 Reviews
Randall C. Rolfe, J.D., M.A., President
I appreciate tremendously how well prepared you were...

“I appreciate tremendously how well prepared you were and how insightful your comments. I am sure your audience can hear how sincere and wise you are about relationships, families, and the power of emotions to help and heal and make life most rewarding.”

October 2018

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JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D,
One of the most positive, inspiring shows I've ever experienced.

"Ilene Dillon's Full Power Living program is one of the most positive, inspiring shows I've ever experienced. As a performance expert and top athlete, I've been invited onto many national TV and radio shows, and it was truly a special honor to be an expert guest on her show. I am recommending it highly to all my clients and Your Performing Edge readers. Ilene is an excellent interviewer and her show delivers exactly what you need to create powerful energy and emotional balance in your life."

October 2018

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David T. Blanchard, Chairman/CEO, The Og Group, Inc. & The Greatest Salesman Inc. Six Advisors, Inc., The Og Press, Inc.
Well-prepared, focused and without personal bias or prejudice.

“Your comments…. were well-prepared, focused and without personal bias or prejudice.”

October 2018

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