Howard Berg The World's Fastest Reader (Guinness Record Book)

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Howard Berg can read this entire page—and another as well! Recognized as the world’s fastest reader, and listed in the “1990 Guinness Book of World Records, Howard Berg has the knowledge-management solutions your associates need to succeed in their information-rich world. In just a single session Howard will provide your audience with revolutionary knowledge-management strategies that will: • Increase their learning rate to stay on top of mission critical information • Maximize their comprehension of even complex information • Develop a laser sharp memory essential for success • Eliminate writer’s block to get their projects completed on time…all the time • Develop the emotional intelligence vital to their success • Unlock their computational genius with brain-based math skills • Learn the secret to unlocking their intuition maximizing their problem-solving skills The result? Your audience will be able to make better decisions, innovate new products and services, and create a barrier to entry your competition simply can’t beat. The big payoff will be increased productivity and profits with a speaker who knows how to entertain and not just lecture. Howard Berg Is A Media Star How funny is Howard? He helped launch the Comedy Central Channel with Denis Leary and was Jon Stewart’s first TV guest. They loved his ability to astound people with how to tap into their brain’s limitless potential, and then tell a joke that erupted them into hysterical laughter. Howard’s learning breakthrough has been featured on over 1,000 radio and television programs. Perhaps you saw him with Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning as SONY’s E-Reader spokesperson, or On Cavuto completing the 1,500 page health care bill in just 50 minutes. Missed it? Go to Howard even hosted his own television talk show on the UANetwork. RedBook, Men’s Health, Bottom Line, Selling, Forbes FYI, and hundreds of newspapers around the world have featured Howard’s learning breakthrough. Howard’s 30 Years Speaking Experience Howard has over thirty years’ experience as an international speaker. His clients include Fortune 500 Companies like Sears, Rockwell International, Prudential Realty, JCPenney, and many more. Howard will be a keynote speaker to an audience of 500,000 for the National Heritage Foundation at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on September 23rd. Howard offers keynotes, breakout sessions, full and multi-day training sessions. Howard’s Contribution to Education Howard’s learning breakthrough is also being used to educate students on how to learn anything faster and better. Just look at some of the breakthrough results these youngsters achieved and imagine how your adult learners can put these same strategies to work: • Micah Stanley passed the California Bar Exam at 19 • Brad Voeller earned his B.A. in just six months from Thomas Edison • Stephen Terry graduated U of Texas Arlington at 16 with a 4.0 GPA while majoring in Economics, and earned his Masters Degree in Math from Oklahoma U at 19 with a 3.97GPA. • Howard Berg completed a four-year Psychology program at S.U.N.Y. Binghamton in a single year, while majoring in Biology and scoring in the 99% percentile in the world on the Biology Graduate Record Exam. Howard is currently negotiating to train 5,000 teachers in Thailand, and the Minister of Education in Trinidad is interested in having Howard train his teachers on how to use Howard’s learning strategies. Best Selling Author Howard is also a best-selling author: • His Time-Warner book, “Super Reading Secrets,” is in its 28th reprint • Barrons Books requested Howard to write, “Speed Reading The Easy Way,” for college students • Nightingale-Conant sold over $65 million of Howard’s programs. • Howard’s book, “Speed Reading: 3 Strategies Guaranteed to Double Your Reading Speed, was written in just five hours and was the #1 book on the topic. Public Service Howard is the President of the Rotary E-Club of North Texas, and the Dallas Rotary District (5810) program director. Howard Berg Awards and Recognition These prestigious publications have recognized Howard Berg’s contributions to North American business and the general public: • 1990 Guinness Book Of World Records • Who’s Who on the East Coast • Who’s Who Among Rising Young Americans • The International Book of Honor • The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership • Who’s Who Among Emerging Leaders • Men of Achievement • 5,000 Famous Personalities of the World • The International Dictionary of Biography • 2,000 Notable American Men

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  • Increase your associates' learning rate by 100% for succeeding in their information-rich world
  • Increase your productivity and profits
  • Eliminate writer's block to complete projects on time...all the time
  • Develop a laser sharp for names, facts, numbers, languages, and more

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