Holly G. Green | Best selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, Global Management Consultant

A Keynote Speaker Like No Other.... An experienced business leader and behavioral scientist, Holly has a rare combination of extensive academic training and in-thetrenches experience working in and leading organizations. She has also worked with elite performers including the United States Navy SEALs, Top Gun Fighter Pilots, Olympic athletes, senior NFL referees, the FBI Leadership Academy, and two United States Presidents. Holly is the former president of The Ken Blanchard Company, and co-founder of LumMed, a biotech firm. She has worked in senior leadership roles with global giants including The Coca Cola Company, Dell Computer, Deloitte, LLP, and Bass Hotels and Resorts. Holly delivers highly acclaimed keynote presentations and workshops to tradeshow conventions, industry gatherings, and business meetings. A polished and engaging speaker, she has headlined hundreds of gatherings around the world and received three Speaker-of-the-Year awards from the world’s largest CEO membership group. Featured on numerous TV and radio shows including NBC, ABC, Fox News, and NPR, Holly is a frequently quoted expert. She was a regular contributor to Forbes for years and is a highlighted expert on numerous leadership, strategic planning, and innovation blogs for her insights into the brain at work. Holly’s top selling books, More Than a Minute: How to be an Effective Leader & Manager in Today’s Changing World (printed in nine languages and distributed globally) and Using Your Brain to Win go beyond the theory of leading and managing by providing practical, action-oriented information. Holly has contributed to several other best-selling books including Shift Happens and 1 Habit. SPEAKING: Holly's interactive and engaging presentations include: ★ Using Your Brain to Win in Today’s Hyper-Paced World Your brain is your most powerful competitive weapon – if you know how to use it properly. Learn the latest in brain science techniques to get yourself and your entire organization focused on winning. ★ Oh the Things You Can Thunk! Unfettered thinking is a critical skill for today’s business leaders. In this Dr. Seuss inspired look at the wondrous workings of the human brain, Holly unlocks the secrets of creativity to help you build new pathways to success. ★ Developing Strategic Agility In today’s chaotic business climate, strategic agility is the #1 competitive advantage. Learn how to dominate your market by developing the ability to move fast with focus and flexibility in rapidly changing markets. ★ Living & Thriving @ the Pace of Change The human brain was not designed to work effectively at the pace we are expected to move today. Using self-assessment worksheets and interactive learning, Holly shows how to retrain your brain to truly thrive in an environment of constant change and distraction ★ Innovating Every Day In today’s markets, you either innovate or get left behind. Holly teaches how to identify what prevents you and your organization from innovating, how to get unstuck, and how to innovate every day to stay one step ahead of the competition. ★ Expose Yourself to Communicate More Effectively! Getting ahead in the business world requires the ability to communicate with precision and clarity. Holly demonstrates how to expose yourself (legally and appropriately of course!) to gain clarity in your communications and get where you want to go. ★ Who Am I & Who the Heck Are You? Ready for an upbeat and interactive look at decision-making, data gathering, and communication styles? Utilizing the Myers-Briggs Temperament Sorter, Holly teaches how to communicate, align, focus, and collaborate more effectively to achieve new levels of business success. ** for full information on Holly's keynotes, client options, bespoke topics and service range click to her website from this profile **

Holly Green, speaker, author, international business consultant teaches you how to use your brain and the brains of others more effectively at work


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5 Reviews
Killu Sanborn, Venture Capitalist & Chair of Athena’s Entrepreneur Group
She has already been invited back.

Holly kept our large group engaged and energized. She provided huge value and has already been invited back.

August 2019

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Paul Brown, CEO, Inspire Brands (Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings & Sonic)
She engages, energizes and offers tremendous value!

Holly traveled internationally with my team speaking to groups in 5+ countries. She scored the highest of any presenter. She engages, energizes and offers tremendous value!

August 2019

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Rob Torres, Executive, Google
Provides real value every time she speaks.

Holly knows how to engage the whole audience and provides real value every time she speaks.

August 2019

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