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Hilary Blair | Speaker, CEO, Creating Authentic Human Connection in a Messy Virtual World

Hilary Blair, MFA, CEO, CSP™ The virtual world is messy. Own the Awkward. Prioritize human connection over perfection. WHAT IS STANDING BETWEEN YOU & YOUR TEAMS AND CONNECTION? “I can’t seem to get my message out when I’m talking to people alone or in groups.” "I've been told I'm not 'leadership' material." “I seem to make no impression at all.” “I come across as aggressive when I don’t mean to be.” “People seem to assume I am someone other than who I am.” “I know I could get better at speaking, but no one gives me honest feedback.” “I have trouble listening and staying present because I’m thinking about what to say next.” "Conference calls have all the awkwardness of a middle school dance, where some people hang out around the edges while others keep stepping on toes.” “I can handle small talk, it’s the pivot to actual connection that’s a challenge.” Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. (Even though you might prefer to be). HIGH SPEED (HUMAN) CONNECTION IN A DIGITAL WORLD Data you generate as you navigate through the virtual world tell a story about you. You tell another story through social media. Marketers sell to you based on who they think you are, as an individual and as part of a group. When you meet someone, how do you tell and show them who you are? (They believe more show than tell.) How do you own our personal story amidst all the other stories being created all around you? And does it matter? Yes, it does. Because AI, automation and machine learning presume to know you better than you know yourself. And technology is handling transactions that were once human driven (when is the last time you called a big company to have an actual person answer the phone?). Being able to forge and maintain meaningful connections remains your uniquely human ability. Yet, how often do you get in your own way? Your body language and other non-verbal cues, your breath and voice, and yes, your words and messages all shape the impression you make and the stories that other people create about you. CONNECT TO YOUR BEST SELF WHILE CONNECTING TO OTHERS Hilary Blair draws in audiences of all sizes with this interactive experience that is part speed dating, part science lesson, part master class and just a touch of performance art. You and your teams will learn why you show up how you do and how you can shift your energy to get better results by paying attention to some little–but not insignificant–things like: Your tone How (and when) you say your name Your posture Your breath Where you stand or sit relative to other people The neuroscience of asking questions Having the opportunity to see–and practice–the effects of subtle changes will forever change how you form and strengthen human connections.


2727 Bryant St
Suite 600
Denver, Colorado 80211
United States

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2 Reviews
William Sarni Water Foundry, LLC
They are highly recommended.

Exceptional team – my presentation skills have dramatically improved as a result of Hilary and Robins coaching. They are highly recommended.

October 2019

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Tammie O'Brien Pineapple Interiors
I would recommend anyone to ARTiculate.

Prior to coaching with ARTiculate, I was receiving casual feedback on my presenting skills from my peers. While the intentions were good, the feedback was only causing more road blocks and stripping my confidence. Working with ARTiculate has shown me that I can be the great speaker and leader that I want to be. They make it fun, yet every session is productive. I would recommend anyone to ARTiculate.

October 2019

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