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Harvey is an emotional intelligence (E.I.) expert, keynote/breakout speaker and Internationally Published Author of The Other Kind of Smart, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success. www.theotherkindofsmart.com He writes for Fast Company with around 90 articles published. He pens a monthly column for HRPROFESSIONALS MAGAZINE and has been published in numerous other media including Reader's Digest. Harvey and his partner Sandra are both Jack Canfield Certified Success Principle Trainers. In 2015 Harvey was acknowledged as a 100 TOP THOUGHT LEADER IN TRUST by TRUST ACROSS AMERICA. Harvey and Sandra live in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA and enjoy the Rocky Mountains, reading, jazz, summer festivals, travelling and visiting historic places. Harvey knows emotional intelligence intimately. He walks the talk and will share how he has used emotional intelligence in his own journey of triumph over difficult barriers. He uses his very personal life experiences to bring emotional intelligence to our everyday lives. Engaging and humorous, Harvey will leave the audience with simple techniques that will increase their effectiveness and move them towards their potential. Viewers will never forget his stories, humor, spirit and message. What your audience will take away from Harvey’s presentation - Increased Awareness~ There are hidden hurdles we all have that limit our potential. The first step in any growth is identifying these roadblocks. Identify Personal Barriers ~ One major obstruction that keeps people stuck is not knowing what exactly it is we need to change. Simple Effective Change Tools ~ Once people have identified what is holding them back, I will have simple, effective, doable tools to begin the journey towards their potential. FOR ORGANIZATIONS Do you want a happier workforce, less turnover and people that work well together? Do you want people to give their maximum effort at work? ~ How hiring and training for emotional intelligence will establish a desirable and authentic workforce. ~ Developing emotional intelligent leaders is crucal for an organization's success. ~ The connection between discretionary effort from employees, emotional intelligence and the bottom line. FOR INDIVIDUALS ~ WE ARE HARD WIRED FOR CONNECTION ~ Research has shown that our happiness is connected to the depth of the connections that we make with others. ~ How emotional intelligence helps us form healthier, stronger, longer lasting relationships with the people that are important in our lives. ~ We all want to be heard, appreciated, seen, loved and understood. How to increase our emotional intelligence to attract the type of people we want in our lives.


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4 Reviews
Randal Adcock
Expert on the most important subject

Harvey knows emotional intelligence is the top key to success. He has dedicated his time to understand and appreciate the subject, and he gave our group the benefit of his years of study. Harvey provided us with several easy-to-follow points to raise awareness of things we can do to begin raising EQ. His simple common sense language cut through what could have been an advanced psychology seminar. At the same time, Harvey made it clear that this presentation is just a starting point in one very important life-journey. "The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates

July 2018

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Kelly A. Mannel
Jacksonville, FL

“Harvey Deutschendorf recently spoke to the Society of Emotional Intelligence in Jacksonville, Florida and shared with us why EI skills are now the most desired workplace skills moving forward as announced by the World Economic Council. His genuine delivery engaged the participants and enabled engagement honestly and comfortably for our members. Harvey’s personal accounts and stories allowed participants to access the concepts more easily. Mr. Deutschendorf was also kind enough to stay, speak to individuals and address their questions as well as sign his books for hours afterwards. We are a better chapter for his visit.”

July 2018

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Dana Somerville
Red Deer
Top Notch Presentation

"Harvey Deutschendorf's presentation at Convention about emotional intelligence was very moving. He suggested effective ways to improve our own skill sets to communicate and how to be with others. These tools are an asset in the business world and in personal relationships as well. Harvey's engaging manner, humour and personal stories were inspirational and touching."

July 2018

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