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Fred A Krakowiak | Global Keynote Speaker, Storyteller & Artist

Fred’s unscripted adventures in Africa combine heart stopping tales with a passion that every creature and every environment is connected in the circle of life. Leadership today goes beyond the boardroom, and really, you don’t need just ‘another speaker.’ Fred Krakowiak is a breath of fresh air in today’s market, leading his audiences on a virtual Safari and sharing the skills needed in today’s corporate arena to inspire real leadership and address change. Fred is an award-winning author and artist, leading annual Safaris in Africa for a select few. Some of Fred’s programs based on his personal adventures in Africa include: • When a Map is Worthless, You Need a Compass • I Hate Change – How to Evaluate Change • Decision Making in 3 Seconds or Less • The Importance of Decision Making Through the Eyes of Africa • Cultivating Your Own Maverick Spirit • Walking Through Africa Fred takes audiences on a fascinating journey through Africa captivating them with stunning visuals. Walking throughout the wilderness of Africa has revealed the continents amazing wildlife to Fred and his walks inspire him to capture the animal kingdom aware that one day only his artwork and stories will remain of these majestic creatures. You will be mesmerized when you shut your eyes to listen to the language of the animal kingdom he reveals and the messages the wild life communicates about the magnificence and frailty of life. ** for full information on Fred's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


11914 East La Posada Circle
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
United States

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5 Reviews
Marilyn Shea, Program Chair – Newcomers of Carlsbad
Fred is a very dynamic speaker!

Fred is a very dynamic speaker and makes the audience so involved in his presentations that everyone is on the edge of their seats. He made me want to go on one of his Safari’s as soon as possible. His artistic talent is phenomenal as he shows the art he has created from his adventures in Africa. He is an outstanding presenter and most personal as well. We all loved his talk.

August 2019

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Timothy S. Tattan, Radio Producer – “Travel with Rick Steves”
Fred was superb...

Fred was superb at painting oral pictures of the scene in Africa. It will make for some vivid radio … his descriptions of encountering African wildlife are magical, and give a lot of power to the interview. Must be part of that ‘Africa never leaves you’ experience. Thanks for sharing it with us and our listeners.

August 2019

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Mark Schon, Financial Services Professional
Highly recommended.

Fred’s African Safari presentation is engaging, colorful, visual, and emotionally moving as if you are there. Its vividness surpassed only by his colorful artwork of the same animals displayed. His presentation was enjoyed by all and highly recommended.

August 2019

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