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Dr Marissa Pei | Motivational Speaker & Happiness Expert

Want More Joy and less Stress in your Organization? Do you want to be happy 88% of the time? Are you a leader/HR wondering... • How can I improve communication and understanding between individuals, units, divisions, levels so costly conflict is minimized? • How can I encourage creativity and commitment when it seems like people don't care anymore? • How can we move beyond getting more done with less? • How can I improve bottom line results when budgets are shrinking and morale is at an all time low? • How can we address valuing diversity and stop harassment, sex and all other kinds in a meaningful way without shutting people down? • How can we bridge the gap between generational differences in attitude and communication? • How can we up the Trust Factor when employees don't feel valued? • How can we JUST Get Along?! Dr. Marissa is available for: 1. Keynote Speaker at Large Conference or All Company Event with an inspirational talk that leaves the audience with some practical tools to use afterwards at work after gaining understanding of some normal and yet illogical, common sense is uncommon, human tendencies at work. 2. Retreat/Workshop for entire company/organization or divisions along any of the following themes*: Strategic Planning Communication, Conflict and Commitment The 3 C's of More Joy and Less Stress at Work Teamwork: Why Can't We JUST Get Along? Effective Leadership...Not an Oxymoron Managership: You are NOT the Boss of Me! How to manage unmanageable people? Board Development Learning Organization...Celebrating Successes and Learning from the Past Work/Life Balance: Jump Off that Hamster Wheel into Balanced Living Half-Day and Full Day Sessions that include a full needs assessment and co-design of material with various stakeholders 3 months prior to the event which includes design revisions, implementation and full debrief with formal recommendation presentation for follow-through by leadership and stakeholders Executive Coaching for technically brilliant interpersonally challenged leaders.

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1 Review
Janice Buehler
Vancouver, WA
The Real Deal/Life Changing

I have known and worked with Dr. Marissa Pei for 12+ years. Her knowledge and insight into behaviors is consistently "spot on". Marissa is outstanding in her organization development practice. Two (2) years ago, I had a life altering event and loss. Dr. Marissa guided me to release my feelings about the ruthlessness that happened. Instead of taking a downward spiral into depression. I slowly moved on and am now happy, healthy and content with where I am. Looking forward to a new chapter in my life.

August 2018

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