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John La Puma, M.D., ChefMD®: Get a GreenRx

Chef, author and pioneering physician John La Puma MD helps you take the next step in wellness: the science of how nature works as medicine: in your brain and gut, and in your endocrine, cardiovascular and immune systems. Dr. La Puma co-taught the first U.S. medical school course in culinary medicine (the art of cooking blended with the science of medicine to offer top quality meals and beverages that prevent and treat disease). By 2019, his research, media and educational efforts had helped to prompt a full third of U.S. medical schools to include the new discipline in their curricula. Using compelling peer-reviewed science and funny videos, Dr. La Puma’s interactive food-and-nature-as-medicine presentations show you how to fight ADHD, anxiety, obesity, burnout and overwork with green medicine. Dr. La Puma shows how nature improves your memory and your eyesight, helps you recuperate and makes your sense of smell more acute. He'll get you to turn off your computer and get outside, because the more high-tech our lives become, the more climate can be damaged, the more nature we need to thrive. Learn how to avoid burnout, lower stress levels, stop headaches and make yourself healthier with better focus and greater well-being. With the right environment, could you turn your anxiety and high blood pressure into calm? Your pre-burnout and depression into renewal? Your chronic stress into flow, clarity and awe? Yes, you can and Dr. La Puma will show you how.. He gives you and your audience practical tips they can use now on how to use nature as medicine to de-stress, detox from digital addiction and derive pleasure and robust health from being outside. You'll learn how to stock your kitchen medicine cabinet, use herbs and spices both in the kitchen and in the garden, and no matter where you live, grow and choose something of your own, to keep you--and them--healthy and vibrant. Nature heals and food and nature therapy are the ultimate life hack.

Watch 'til the end when the blender fails.


PO Box 24039
Santa Barbara, California 93121
United States

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  • Forest bathing expert
  • Healing gardens designer
  • Keynote lecturer
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  • Plantetary health expert
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4 Reviews
Mehmet Oz, M.D., The Dr. Oz Show
‘good for you’

“Not even your taste buds will know that you’re eating ‘good for you’ food.”

July 2018

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W. Lee Hammond, AARP President

“Outstanding! Come back next year!”

July 2018

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Kevin Lobo, CEO, Ethicon Endo-Surgery
First rate.

“Great job, for our company and for our customers. First rate. And your food was amazing.”

July 2018

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