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Dr. John H. Johnson, IV | Author, Speaker, CEO & Sought-after Professional Economist

John H. Johnson is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edgeworth Economics, a professional economist, expert witness, author, and speaker. Through his leadership, Edgeworth Economics has become one of the world’s premier economic consulting firms. Dr. Johnson is known internationally for his ability to explain highly sophisticated concepts in a simple, straightforward manner and brings this skill to his consulting, writing, and speaking. At Edgeworth, Dr. Johnson provides consulting and expert testimony for Fortune 100 clients, trade groups, and government agencies. In his litigation work, he guides companies and outside counsel on the appropriate use and interpretation of complex data sets, and has served as expert witness in some of today’s most high-stakes corporate lawsuits. On the business analytics side, Dr. Johnson helps companies translate their complex internal data sets into strategic, actionable information across a variety of business settings including human resources, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and business intelligence. Both aspects share the need to understand — and properly apply — large, complex sets of data. He applies this same skill to his writing and speaking, where he helps audiences avoid the most common pitfalls people make when confronted with data, so they can become more confident and discerning consumers of data and make better decisions in their professional and personal lives. Dr. Johnson is a frequent presenter on economic topics and the use of data, and co-author of EVERYDATA™: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Everyday. He has also authored numerous papers across his areas of expertise. He has provided key note addresses and speeches in a wide range of professional settings, including the Consumer Electronic Show, Chief Legal Counsel Association, the Government Acquire Conference, the Self Storage Association Conference, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the South Carolina Counsel on Competitiveness. Dr. Johnson received a PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BA in Economics with Highest Distinction from the University of Rochester. He lives with his wife and two children in McLean, Virginia. KEYNOTES: - EVERYDATA™: Understanding the Misinformation in the Little Data You Consume Every Day: In his keynote, John shows audiences the importance of understanding how to recognize the misinformation buried inside the “little data” that we consume all day, every day. By providing an engaging and easily understandable overview of basic statistical analysis techniques, coupled with real world examples that show their relevance in our daily lives, John gives his audiences the tools and the confidence to be smarter and more discerning in their approach to data. Through this keynote, audiences learn: • The most common mistakes people make when analyzing data • What questions to ask to ensure the data they consume is accurate • How to become more discerning consumers of data so they can make better decisions in their professional and personal lives - EVERYDATA IN THE WORKPLACE: Understanding the Data You Consume Every Day In Your Job: This talk can be customized by functional area to focus on the specific types of data a particular group works with most. The reality is that most of us are not trained as data experts or statisticians — but many of us are required to make data-based decisions in our jobs on a daily basis. Sometimes these decisions are small, while other times they can be costly. Think about the faulty market analysis that results in a significant capital investment, or misinterpreted production data that causes a product to be dramatically under- or over-priced. Or, the analysts at NASA who excluded critical data points about the operation of O-rings that resulted in the fated Challenger shuttle flight. In this address, Dr. Johnson works with your audience to understand what conclusions can (and cannot) be drawn from the data you routinely work with and what questions to ask about the data so you make better, fact-based decisions. Audiences: Broad based. Any organization, association, functional team, or group that routinely makes decisions based on the data they receive. This includes businesspeople- (human resources, marketing, production, or finance professionals), journalists, policy-makers, lawyers, doctors, educators, students, and parents. [For full information on all John's seminars and services click to connect with John directly from this profile]


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Washington, District Of Columbia 20036
United States

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4 Reviews
H. Kate Johnson (no relation), President, Law Seminars International
John is smart and an excellent speaker.

John is smart and an excellent speaker. He provides information that is clear and comprehensible to non-economists, and the audiences at our seminars and conferences have appreciated his perspectives. We look forward to having him at more of our programs.

February 2019

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DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director, NFL Players Association
John has a true gift ...

John has a true gift for being able to simplify complicated things - like data - and explain why it matters in each of our lives. When he speaks to a group about how to be smarter users of data, that group leaves the room as smarter users of data. And he makes it hugely enjoyable. Any group where elegant, intelligent solutions for using data are needed will benefit from what John has to say.

February 2019

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Bert Brandenburg, President, National Appleseed Foundation
John Johnson is a successful speaker ...

John Johnson is a successful speaker because he knows his stuff cold, works to understands his audience, and gets to the point in a clear and compelling way. He is one of those rare translators who can make economics matter for the rest of us by making it coherent and interesting. And he’s relaxed and he likes people, both of which matter a lot in engaging with an audience.

February 2019

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