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Dr Barry Thompson | Keynote Speaker, Confidence & Performance Expert

Dr. Barry Thompson was born in Alaska and began his working career in South Africa. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Thompson has worked for global giants such as IBM, SAP and Oracle but also knows the challenges of running his own business. Having learned how the complex global marketplace operates, he has been able to identify and offer productivity improvements for various groups within organizations such as sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, finance, executive management, customer service and vendor relations. As an author, coach, keynote, pastor, counsellor, teacher, adjunct professor, husband, dad and grandad, Barry draws from unique and powerful experiences …both successful and not so successful! To compliment this hands-on knowledge, Dr. Thompson was awarded a doctorate in leadership and adult learning. He has presented to clients that include IBM, European Training Conference, various industry groups including numerous Dental Societies and Groups, leading chiropractic clinics, the State of Colorado, various chambers of commerce, and numerous healthcare groups. Passionate about Performance: Barry is passionate about seeing each person reach their optimal performance which boils down to confidence. Low performance is often due to low confidence and high confidence leads to high performance. Famous leadership gurus like Maxwell, Blanchard, Covey, and Ziglar have underlined the need for confidence but, until now, no one has offered a simple path to confident performance. Dr. Thompson’s latest book, Confidence-Driven Living, is a down-to-earth look at how confidence impacts your performance and offers insight into how to gain confidence in every area of your life. His sessions build on these truths. Market-Mission-Value: Barry believes these principles are essential and applicable to everyone. One recent account executive reported that after many seminars and training classes, this was by far the easiest and important lessons she had learned. Attendees have noted that their sales have improved, their book of business has grown and new avenues have opened to them. SPEAKING: Dr. Thompson’s keynote addresses and seminars are designed to help people confidently reach their goals. They target the key factors that lead to significant improvements in individual and team performance. From the executive to the new hire, Dr. Barry’s simple, engaging, humorous, down-to-earth and yet profound lessons uncover the secrets to a more confident and productive person…whether at home or on the job. Dr. Thompson’s unique focus provides the answers to the mysteries of how to be a balanced and successful person both in private and professionally. Dr. Thompson has addressed numerous topics for various audiences. MOST REQUESTED KEYNOTE: * 8 Successful Habits of Confident People Confidence is your secret sauce! It can be the difference between success and failure. Take two people with equal skills and the more confident one will win every time. In this workshop, participants will learn how to increase their performance by improving their confidence. In this fun, interactive and memorable session participants will: > Take your “Confidence Quotient” test > Learn what destroys confidence > Learn strategies for improving your performance > Gain tools for improving your confidence > How to gain and retain a confident mindset > What do all confident people have in common? > Apply simple steps to a new and confident You > Receive an individual session workbook All participants will leave empowered to take their performance and confidence to a new level. ADDITIONAL KEYNOTES: * Steps to Confidently Build Your Revenue * Steps to Confidently Build Your Business/Practice * Steps to Confidently Build Your Clientele * Confidence Secrets to Improve Your Life! * Steps to Confidently Blend Your Multi-Generation Workforce * Confidently Navigate Workplace Diversity For full information visit Dr Barry's website listed below! ___________________________________ COACHING: Dr Barry offers coaching to guide you to overcome challenges, attack opportunities, and discover a renewed sense of purpose. See full information at Dr Barry's website. CONSULTING: Through Dr Barry's consulting work you will learn to apply proven tools, solutions, and strategies to improve you and your organization. See full information at Dr Barry's website.


Fort Collins, Colorado
United States

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