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Here's the content you can expect either in a 20 minute keynote or a 2-hour workshop or a 2-day retreat. What I offer begins with these two unique promises: (1) Instantly Elevate Your Public Speaking With My New 5-Station Storytelling Workout! (2) Unlock What Some Have Called the Most Unfair Competitive Advantage in Business Today. WHAT YOU GET You'll gain access to a proprietary 5-Station Training Workout designed to help you identify and strengthen the key storytelling muscles you need to elevate your public speaking and take your career or business to the next level WHAT YOU’LL LEARN You’ll gain insight into the neuroscience behind storytelling. You’ll begin to future-proof your career by learning how to make data matter. You’ll discover the most important trait you need to captivate your audience. You’ll master the tactics for grabbing and keeping audience attention. You’ll learn why the ultimate metric is action. You’ll know how to use storytelling to speak the language of leadership. You’ll acquire the skills you need to create the New Happily Ever After. And you’ll master the easiest, most effective way to reduce public speaking jitters! BEFORE YOU KNOW IT You'll be a pro at getting audiences to nod "yes," instead of nod off. You’ll master the skills you need to bring lifeless presentations to life. You’ll learn to sell the benefits of your product, service, or initiative, not the features. MY EXPERTISE Douglass Hatcher is founder and president of communicate4IMPACT, a marketing and communications firm that specializes storytelling training, coaching, and counsel. communicate4IMPACT makes whatever it is you’re pitching or selling more meaningful to the audiences you want to reach. Our training incorporates road-tested insights, methods, and proprietary exercises to help you harness the power of storytelling – the single best discipline for making things matter and moving people to act. I'VE DONE THIS FOR FORTUNE 500 CEOs AND A U.S. SENATOR AND I CAN DO IT FOR YOU Douglass brings more than 20 years of high-level, high-impact speechwriting to the leadership and storytelling space. Before founding his company, Douglass led thought leadership, executive communications, and storytelling at Mastercard in Purchase, New York, working closely with the CEO and other C-Suite leaders as well as senior executives. Prior to Mastercard, Douglass spent two decades in Washington, DC, where he worked on Capitol Hill in senior positions in both the U.S. Senate and House. Douglass was senior advisor and speechwriter to U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine.

Elevate Your Public Speaking By Building Your Storytelling Muscles


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6 Reviews
Greg Garland
High praise for Douglass Hatcher!

High praise for Douglass Hatcher and communicate4MPACT. By far, my business communications are more concise and compelling when I use the techniques that communicate4MPACT teaches.

December 2017

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Pete Weissman
I highly recommend communicate4MPACT.

Douglass is one of the most talented storytellers, speechwriters and communications strategists in the field. I highly recommend communicate4MPACT.

December 2017

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Abu Sultan
I highly recommend Communicate4IMPACT

I had an amazing experience having undertaken a workshop with Douglass Hatcher on "Storytelling" . I highly recommend Communicate4IMPACT, especially for leaders to explore how to unleash the power of story to drive their business or organization. As Douglass puts it - " If data is the new oil , then Storytelling is the refinery which converts this data into valuable, meaningful information and Communicate4IMPACT is the Well -to- consumer supply chain for business success.

December 2017

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