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Doug Andrew | Award-winning Speaker, New York Times Best Seller & Consultant

Douglas Andrew is a popular speaker, columnist and multi-bestselling author on both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal lists. He is the founder of Live Abundant, a comprehensive business and life planning firm with several divisions. Doug has authored 11 books on living an abundant life. He is a nationally recognized speaker and often keynotes with his, Ten Keys to a Meaningful Transformation in Your Professional Practice by 10X in 60 Months presentation. He has spoken several times for the Genius Network Group and his messages were distributed nationally and featured in Success Magazine and Huffington Post. He is regularly featured for his transformational viewpoints and perspectives in national publications including Forbes, Thrive Global, the Medium, US News and World Report, and recently featured in Harvard Business Review. He just released his eleventh book, The LASER Fund and was interviewed on Best-Seller TV, NASDAQ and CNBC. His weekly national “Live Abundant Radio” show is in its tenth year of being aired. Doug teaches unique principles of wealth, health and life fulfillment. He is most grateful to maximize his personal true wealth with the greatest treasures of all—his wife of 44 years, Sharee, and their six children, with spouses and sixteen grandchildren. Doug and Sharee have mentored thousands of troubled youth and they actively volunteer in organizations for teenage suicide prevention. Most Requested Keynote: • Entitlement Abolition: How to Lead Your Family (or Employees) from “ME” to "WE". Experience a bold, revolutionary look at what’s ailing America’s families and workforces as New York Times Best Selling Author, Douglas R. Andrew outlines the traps that have led to the spread of entitlement. He then shares step-by-step, practical remedies—gleaned from more than 45 years as a business leader, entrepreneur coach, financial strategist and life fulfillment coach. Doug and Sharee, his wife of more than 45 years, have empowered their 6 children and spouses and 16 grandchildren to be self-reliant, responsible and accountable human beings. He will teach you how to do the same for those you care about. Doug and Sharee have mentored thousands of troubled youth and they actively volunteer in organizations for teenage suicide prevention. Doug is passionate about making a difference. When he speaks for your organization, if the speaker budget allows, he gifts a copy of his best-selling 200-page book, Entitlement Abolition, to everyone in the audience to empower them to create a meaningful transformation in their lives by implementing the principles he teaches. To book Doug as a keynote speaker, please inquire by emailing: In Doug’s powerful presentation, you’ll learn: • The difference between a scarcity and abundance mindset • The Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth—especially the two Legacy Dimensions (Foundational and Intellectual) • How to develop a KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habit) Blueprint and develop a perpetual Legacy Bank • How to hold Family Vacations or Business Retreats with a purpose • How to make deposits and withdrawals from your Legacy Bank • How to abolish entitlement mindsets and provide equal opportunities for those you care about—rather than equal distribution • How to rethink your thinking (and help your children or employees do the same • How to teach your children or employees to be responsible and accountable Doug's other programs and presentations: • Ten Keys to Dramatically Transform Your Entrepreneurial Practice by 10X in 60 months • Moments that Matter—Move from the Un-sensed, Unseen and Unseized • How to Conduct Family and Business Retreats with a Purpose


6340 S 3000 E
Suite 280
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121
United States

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5 Reviews
Alta B.

The Doug Andrew presentation was outstanding. Though fast paced, Doug was able to skillfully cover a miriad of topics in a flowing and concise way that was easy to follow and understand. His passion for the topic and the caring he showed to those attending was very evident. I left with a broad knowledge of the possibilities for living an Abundant Life and having the financial means to live ‘the dream’ instead of settling for mediocrity.

March 2019

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Stephanie L.
This event was completely eye opening!

This event was completely eye opening! It was nonstop information that I wish everyone could hear. And the way Doug Andrew presents it makes absolute sense! Easy to follow and a lot to take in. I’m 29 and highly recommend it to anyone willing to obtain a brighter future!

March 2019

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Venna R
I would love my family to attend!

I would love my family to attend! A lot of valuable information was shared by a very competent and entertaining individual!

March 2019

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