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Dolly Garlo: Career Reinvention & Whole Life Wellness Expert

Dolly Garlo is an expert career transition and personal reinvention strategist. Fueled by a personal epiphany, her own often challenging career changes were ultimately a quest to redesign her life – to be fuller, more meaningful, enjoyable and on purpose for both professional and personal satisfaction. She realized from her own experience that this was a difficult journey for most people to make alone, keeping them stuck and unhappy. That led Dolly to create a system in her coaching practice to take people from confused, frustrated and unfulfilled to clear, on track and at peace. She ‘cracked the code’ on how to do that more quickly, easily and comprehensively. With a wealth of solutions, Dolly works with people ready to pursue work and involvements using their experience, expertise and values, as well as their preferred skills and interests to create the full life harmony they long for. She helps them pursue greater aspirations and take the lead to create more significant influence and impact.


1107 Key Plaza #456
Key West, Florida 33040
United States

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