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Dina believes strongly that people are uniquely talented and that when they are encouraged and empowered, everyone benefits. Since 1999, Dina has served thousands of professionals through her training, individual coaching and coaching groups. She presents Positive Discipline and Empowering People in the Workplace training around the world. Dina is a co-author of Roadmap to Success with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. In 2009 she wrote her first solo book, Trusting the Fortune Within. Certified as a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, Dina has experience in many leadership roles; parent, teacher, school principal, speaker and trainer. Empowering People in the Workplace the Positive Discipline Way launched as a 3-day workshop in 2018, and is the latest in her list of projects designed to help leaders who want to empower their teams by supporting the skills required to sustain collaborative cultures. Dina was honored to collaborate with Positive Discipline author and founder, Dr. Jane Nelsen. Dina is certified by The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation, and has 20 years of coaching experience. She has worked with business professionals in Fortune 500 companies in software development, insurance, human resources, education and finance. She has also worked with women business owners, owners of small or family-owned businesses, and non-profit directors. SPEAKING TOPICS Most Requested Keynotes [in-person & virtual Keynotes available]: • Communicate to Empower at Work! Most agree that creating respectful workplace settings is a great idea. But how? In this workshop participants will explore how Adlerian principles are relevant in business today. Communication tools that can help team members communicate to encourage and empower their colleagues at work will be demonstrated and discussed. Learning Outcomes: 1.) Participants will be discuss how Positive Discipline principles present a timely, holistic model for businesses. 2.) Participants will be learn empowering methods of communication to promote a respectful, highly productive workplace environment. 3.) Participants will learn 3 specific ways to apply encouragement to self and others. • How to Say ANYthing: The 6 Secrets of Effective Communication Communication is one of the most important and challenging skills needed in order to get along with people. In this presentation Dina will talk about 6 secrets that can help anyone communicate more effectively.  Whether it’s making a request for something you want with a time deadline, saying something difficult, or deeply listening to a co-worker, child or parent, communication helps us connect with others in meaningful ways. • Strengths Based Leadership Objectives: - To familiarize participants with the philosophy and research behind Strengths Based Leadership. - To familiarize participants with their own natural talents (as identified by the Strengths Finder Assessment) and set a purposeful plan of action for each to use and grow their talents into strengths. - To explore ways to highlight the strengths and promote a motivating work environment. Other keynote topics include: • Living Your Life with Conscious Connection and Community • The New Leadership Paradigm • Six strategies to make sure the message you’re sending is yours! (For the Pathways to Success • Conference for Women Business Leaders, Peoria, IL) • Inviting Employee Engagement • Motivation in a Changing World • The Art of Meaningful Feedback • The Power of Encouragement • Coaching Teams to Success • Back to Basics: The Power of Personal Connections • Respectful Communication for Collaborative Leaders ★For full information on Dina's services and bespoke options click to her website from this profile★


Chicago, Illinois
United States

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4 Reviews
M. McWethy
Far exceeded my expectations.

Working with Dina was effortless. I emailed her information about our sales force, annual meeting and ideas of the outcome we desired. She also did her own background work by learning about Pearl Insurance through our company’s website. I had several specific requests on what our team was expecting, which she took into consideration while forming her discussion with the group. Dina was excellent at putting her knowledge of the company and my requests together to create a discourse that far exceeded my expectations.

May 2020

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K. Capra
A pleasure to work with.

In my role as the chairperson for an event, it was my responsibility to contact a keynote speaker, secure their services and work out the details of an agenda, supporting documentation, travel arrangements, and so on. Dina was a pleasure to work with. Her timeliness in responding to all requests for information was wonderful. She was able to accommodate our conference size, location and audience as requested. Her materials were relevant, timely and provided in advance for the committee to use as approval for licensing requirements, as well as for readying packets for the attendees.

May 2020

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Jami Hemmenway
Thank you, Dina!

Dina gave me the tools to save my own life eight years ago. I was between jobs and had no vision of what to do next. As a coach, she encouraged me to dream, helped me to formulate a new plan, and cheered as I put my plan into action. Whenever I have a rough day now, I simply recall her gentle questions and astute observations, and I can empower myself to make the needed changes. Thank you, Dina!

May 2020

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