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Bridging the Generational and Digital Divide.... "As a digital sociologist, I study what’s happening at the intersection of technology and evolution, and how it affects the ways in which we buy, sell, and work together. As humans, we enjoy a standard of living that’s unprecedented in human history, but at the same time, we’re experiencing record levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. At the center of the mayhem stands the smartphone, the unaccountable tyrant that has emerged in the blink of an evolutionary eye to rule our lives and emotions. Whether we’re digital natives, digital converts or analog holdouts, we’re all struggling to reconcile this relentless technology and the resulting demands on our time, energy and attention. Let’s tackle this together." - Dennis Brouwer SPEAKING: Dennis Brouwer helps audiences see their work in a new light, unlocking fresh ideas and delivering a roadmap for growth and success. His inspiring keynotes are a blend of rich storytelling, humor, provocative insights, and actionable takeaways. Audiences around the world have cherished his unique, authentic, and energizing performances, filled with practical advice and stimulating new approaches. TOPICS AND OUTCOMES: ★ Battling Burnout: How to Lead Your Team Back from the Brink It’s official – burnout is now a thing…a syndrome, actually. As of May 2019, the World Health Congress has updated its official manual, the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), to include burnout as an occupational syndrome. Burnout – as defined by the ICD - is “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed”, the kind of stress that directly impacts our co-workers, our families, and us as individuals. Burnout undermines team productivity, fosters negativity and cynicism, and per the ICD, exacerbates our well-documented problems with employee engagement and anxiety. We’ve reached the point where relentless demands on our time and attention are finally driving us to disengage for our own health and sanity. What can we do about it? In this insightful keynote, Dennis Brouwer, a professional innovator who has built and led high-performing teams in sales, marketing, product management and naval aviation, sheds light on this critical challenge. He weaves cutting edge research with his personal experience to illuminate a path forward for hard-pressed teams and individuals. The Takeaways 1) Understand what drives burnout, and how it affects teams, individuals and organizations. 2) Learn to identify burnout in your co-workers, team members and yourself. 3) Practice seven specific techniques used by highly effective leaders to counter burnout and to build resilient, dynamic teams and organizations. 4) Return to the workplace with a roadmap of clear, proven action items and a strategy to put them to work. ★ Caging the Caveman: How to Build a Growth Mindset Beyond Fight or Flight The science is settled – we, as humans, are descended from thousands of generations of cagey ancestors who tamed fire, invented agriculture and built the world we know today. But there’s a problem. Our ancestors lived and died in a world that rarely changed, and where any change that did occur was assumed to be dangerous, and perhaps lethal. But in the modern, post-industrial world, change is everywhere – it’s accelerating – and it’s (generally) improving our lives. The results? Our tech-savvy selves are in constant conflict with deeply embedded habits of thought that lead us to subconsciously resist change. Add in the occasional over-the-top, adrenaline-fueled reaction that we experience as ”Fight or Flight”, and you’ve got the full “Caveman vs. Growth Mindset” battle that we face in our work, schools, communities and families. There’s got to be a better way. In this thought-provoking keynote, Dennis Brouwer, an award-winning Navy tactician, turnaround leader, and professional innovator, uses a compelling blend of stories, research and personal experience to move beyond the fears and biases that kept our ancestors alive. The Takeaways: 1) Understand the neuro-science that limits our creativity and energizes our immunity to change. 2) Learn to detect and counter our automatic, change-resistant habits of thought. 3) Practice seven specific techniques used by highly effective leaders to build growth mindsets and powerhouse teams, even in entrenched organizations. 4) Return to the workplace with a roadmap of clear, proven action items and a strategy to put them to work. ** for full information on Dennis' client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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6 Reviews
John Cunningham, Co-CEO, BCM One
The information is immediately actionable.

Brouwer reduces a complex challenge every exec faces to its least common denominator. The information is immediately actionable.

August 2019

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Tina Smith, VP, Marketing, CenturyLink Business
Truly valuable i...

Vast experience in both the military and private sector leadership roles. Truly valuable information that I have shared with my team and my daughter.

August 2019

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Shea Long – SVP, Commercial Innovation, Centene Corporation
A great storyteller!

A great storyteller who brings inspiration to people on the front lines.

August 2019

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