Dennis Brouwer | Wisdom On a Wheel | What I Learned From a Unicycle at the Age of 63

Topic #1 - Wisdom on a Wheel: What I Learned From a Unicycle at the Age of 63 I was out of work, out of shape and increasingly frustrated with a divided, entrenched, antagonistic world. I was burned out from coaching others to change, meeting resistance, and watching them invent excuses and fail, believing that when they failed, I failed along with them.   After years of thoughtfully trying to get others to change - to do the difficult work of learning new skills and perspectives in spite of doubt, fear, and habit, I decided to start over - to challenge myself to learn a complex new skill that would appear futile and impossible to others, but would force me to confront my own habits, doubts and fears.   At the age of 63 years, 8 months, and 2 days, I would learn to ride a unicycle. Or die trying.   In the process, I would discover a metaphor for the crazy world in which we live, rediscover the key truths that unite us, and gain a deeper understanding of why change is so hard, and ultimately so valuable.   This is my story.   And yours. Because it turns out that unicycling - to be more specific, learning to unicycle - is the perfect metaphor for the crazy world in which we live. Unicycles look somewhat familiar, but they exist in a zone of perpetual uncertainty and imbalance, denied any obvious means of control - relying only on the rider's ability to quickly - oh, so quickly - notice and respond to subtle shifts in movements and conditions. And that's the point - in a world that denies us stability - where the only source of balance comes from within - in a unicycle world - we are stuck with bicycle brains that expect external forces to smooth out the bumps, carry us forward, and relieve us of responsibility for our lives. Mastering that contrast - the reality of our bicycle brains in an increasingly unicycle world - is what this program is all about. Topic #2 - Playing with Fire: Six Core Mindsets of Teams in Danger The Challenge: Preparing for the Unthinkable The world’s gone crazy and uncertainty is the new normal. But that doesn’t change the fact that you need to pick your way through the daily risk of doing business while preparing for “black swan” events like cyber attacks, threats to public safety and dramatic shifts in the political or competitive landscape. It’s time to learn from organizations that routinely work in high-intensity environments where risk is high and the consequences of failure are immediate and irreversible. Learning Objectives 1) Learn the Six Core Mindsets of Teams in Danger and be better prepared for the risks of accidents and disasters. 2) Learn to recognize and break through entrenched “Either/Or” thinking that undermines safety, preparedness and organizational readiness. 3) Discover the Three Building Blocks of highly prepared and adaptive organizations. 4) Master the three questions that highly prepared teams routinely ask. Improve efficiency and agility through preparedness planning and investment. Why Dennis? - Qualified as Naval Flight Officer, Mission Commander in Navy combat aircraft, and nuclear weapons loading officer with nearly 200 carrier landings and 1,000 hours of flight time. - Qualified as in-flight Evaluator of Mission Readiness and Safety Best Practices while serving in squadron safety department. - Ran product development teams that successfully evaluated operational, financial, and reputation risk for over 100 complex IT services in markets around the globe. - Product owner for complete suite of networking, cloud, and cybersecurity services used by leading financial services companies. ** for full information on Dennis' client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


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6 Reviews
John Cunningham, Co-CEO, BCM One
The information is immediately actionable.

Brouwer reduces a complex challenge every exec faces to its least common denominator. The information is immediately actionable.

August 2019

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Tina Smith, VP, Marketing, CenturyLink Business
Truly valuable i...

Vast experience in both the military and private sector leadership roles. Truly valuable information that I have shared with my team and my daughter.

August 2019

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Shea Long – SVP, Commercial Innovation, Centene Corporation
A great storyteller!

A great storyteller who brings inspiration to people on the front lines.

August 2019

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