Debbie Levitt | UX Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Master Trainer

Integrity. Knowledge. Humor. Expertise. Debbie Levitt has been speaking and training small and large groups of people at private events and public conferences since 1995. Now, Debbie focuses presentations on user interface design and user experience, how UX fits into software development processes, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Debbie's goal is to engage an audience into forgetting that they own smartphones. She writes all of her own material and presentations, and uses raw honesty and clever comedy to keep the attendees connected, laughing, listening, and learning. Her goals always include actionable takeaways and making sure the audience have real tips, processes, approaches, or step-by-step activities they can try after the event. Debbie is available for keynote speeches, private and corporate training, convention seminars, and conference presentations. She's also ready for anything informative, motivational or inspirational, hopefully with room for some good comedy. Debbie is an American splitting her time between the USA and Italy. She's available anywhere an airplane can take her. SPEAKING TITLES include: - The Four Horsemen of Bad UX® - How UX Solves Problems for Developers - UX Can (Help) Make Or Break a Startup - Starting or Improving a UX Practice - DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by Integrating UX Practitioner and Processes (this also covers UX, Agile, and Lean) - Remote Work: Efficiency, Focus, Tools, and Techniques [Debbie also produces bespoke keynotes for clients and their audiences] TRAINING topics include: - Axure software (Debbie is one of the few trainers recommended by Axure on the planet) - UX approaches and practice Contact Debbie to discuss your next event!


San Francisco, California
United States

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