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David Clive Price | Best-Selling Author, Global Leadership Speaker & Life Coach

David is passionate about leadership and management development, talent and engagement and brings 30+ years of experience of senior leadership coaching, strategic advisory and change management roles to his delivery of global leadership and learning development programmes. Building on his own learning as chief speechwriter for HSBC, David has coached and advised leadership teams for many global organisations including AIA, Standard Chartered, Credit Suisse, Santander, Shangri La and Morgan Stanley as well as political and trade leaders in locations across the globe. Speaking several languages, and having lived and worked in numerous countries, David’s multicultural experience informs all his executive coaching and mentoring, as well as his bestselling book Bamboo Strong with Foreword by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, one the world’s leading executive coaches. His upcoming book HIDDEN DEMONS: HOW TO OVERCOME ANXIETY, ADDICTION AND FEAR OF FAILURE addresses mental health and the stress and burnout experienced by CEOS, executives, founders and entrepreneurs in today's complex and volatile business world. LEADERSHIP IN PRACTICE - GLOBAL LEADERS' AGILITY AND MENTAL RESILIENCE David believes that leadership, teamwork and managing complexity are best developed by encouraging leaders and teams to use their own lives and businesses as examples in order to enhance their process of self-discovery. He does not begin with theory but instead asks executives to go beyond their daily assumptions and habits in activities that disrupt their normal ways of thinking, their emotions and behaviour. He is an engaging and entertaining motivational speaker, an author of numerous books, and holds a Ph.D. in Renaissance History from Cambridge University. David has a particular skill for working closely with CEOs and leadership teams to develop their global leadership and life skills. He is the bestselling author of Bamboo Strong: Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy with Foreword by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. His most recent book is The Age of Pluralism: Global Intelligence for Emerging Leaders with Foreword by John Mattone, former coach to Steve Jobs. David speaks several Asian and European languages, is a member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, and gives keynotes, masterminds and seminars on global leadership and management for corporate programmes, away days and conferences, most recently in Denmark, Netherlands, UAE, UK, US, China and Hong Kong. He has been interviewed by numerous publications and has featured on BBC World Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and International Business Times. SOME OF DAVID'S MOST POPULAR TOPICS (Also VIRTUAL) * HIDDEN DEMONS – HOW TO OVERCOME STRESS, ANXIETY AND BURNOUT IN UNCERTAIN TIMES (Also VIRTUAL) Modern-day culture places mental health at the very bottom of its agenda. Burnout, isolation and depression are widespread in the world of the C-suite, among highly stressed CEOs and high performing Founders in these uncertain times. In his Hidden Demons keynote, David implores you to bring mental well-being to the top of your personal and professional priorities. Through compelling storytelling of his adventures in extraordinary places around the world, David gives you the tools to overcome anxiety, depression and fear of failure and makes you believe you can break through any hardship or challenge that life throws at you. * BAMBOO STRONG – HOW TO BUILD LEADERS TO THRIVE IN A FAST CHANGING GLOBAL MARKET (Also VIRTUAL) Discover how to employ a ‘bamboo mindset’ to consistently grow market share in global markets. This presentation is based on David’s most recent book Bamboo Strong: Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy and offers a proven system and creative solutions to harmonize global business cultures. In this entertaining and interactive presentation, David reveals how best to develop a global mindset to maximize your efficiency and productivity, target brands and products to local cultures, build trusting relationships and drive sustained revenue growth in global markets – whether in East or West. * THE AGE OF PLURALISM – GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE FOR LEADERS AND COACHES (Also VIRTUAL) In this powerful and engaging presentation, David reveals how the leaders of the future need a global leadership toolkit – for increasing teamwork and innovation, and for leveraging diversity of generations, backgrounds and cultures. Based on years of research in 72 countries across the world, The Age of Pluralism toolkit includes the Bamboo Strong™ CQ Model, Global DISC™ and Intelligent Leadership™ Coaching. David shows exactly how these world-leading tools are helping leading companies and Fortune 500s to achieve outstanding results by strengthening their leadership bench, their global mindset and their pipeline of next generation leaders. For full information on David's speaking and additional services click to his website from this profile or schedule a quick Introductory Call at: __________________________________________________________________ What is holding you back from being the best leader you can be? ▶Take our quick assessment to help you prioritize your greatest challenges and get instant tips on how to resolve them:

David shows his audience how a much dreaded trip to the Chinese Opera can be the first step to developing CQ and EQ and becoming an Intelligent Global Leader.


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1 Review
Shelly V.
Miami, FL
Chief Operations Officer

Bamboo Strong is one of my all time favorite books. Applying the "bamboo mindset" has made a big difference in our company and improved the performance of not only some leaders, but also employees of all levels. David's practical style gave us an easy-to-follow path, helping to solve some of the problems we thought were not possible to even tackle. His entertaining and engaging speeches and coaching sessions have secured 100% attendance and impressive reviews by our team members. Our bottom line has improved, and we, as a company are on our way to solidifying our global brand.

July 2019

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