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Darlene Corbett | Keynote Speaker, Author & Coach

It is an honor and a pleasure to speak to audiences and organizations. Every individual – and therefore the organizations they are a part of – can benefit from discovering their strengths, courage, and capacity for change. For more than 30 years, I have had the privilege of helping people get unstuck. When I say my career has been rewarding, that barely communicates the richness of the experience of being there for another human being. The resilience of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me. This is the foundation of my work helping people and organizations get – and stay – unstuck. I have a dual degree in Psychology and Urban Studies. In addition, I received my masters’ degree from Boston University and have been a licensed therapist in the State of MA for over 20 years. I am an active member of several industry associations, including the National Speakers Association and Toastmasters' International. In addition, I am currently serving on the Board of Directors for Abby's House in Worcester, MA and the New England Chapter of the National Speakers Association. I have been published in The Huffington Post and LinkedIn. I am a regular contributor to Sixty and Me. In addition, I have been quoted in Bustle, Best Live, Thrive Works, and the Knoxville Sentinel. My upcoming book Stop Depriving The World of You is scheduled for publication in November 2018, by Sound Wisdom Press. SPEAKING: Most Requested Keynotes • Getting Unstuck: Helping Professionals Overcome the Obstacles to Success A taste of my Keynote Speech…If you are a professional who wants to overcome obstacles to success, I will share more when you invite me to your event. You will not be disappointed! • Inspire, Inform, Include and Get Unstuck People who are in sales often become “stuck” as a result of using the same old approach. Learn how to increase performance, productivity and, the coveted, profitability in ways you may never have thought possible. • Get Unstuck in College: Manage Stress with the Power of Visualization and Scripting Students these days are under a tremendous amount of pressure. Anxiety and depression often create a sense of immobility. Consequently, students feels quite “stuck,” but they will see they are capable of learning the skills they need to get unstuck. • Get Unstuck: The Power of Healing Through Positive Thinking Positive thinking can be healing on many levels. In addition, it can be infectious and have a wonderful impact on those around you. Get ready to hear examples of this and how you might begin to think differently. • Do You Understand How Hypnosis Can Improve Performance, Motivation and Your Life? Hypnosis has so many myths which undermines the extensive benefits this alternative treatment modality offers. Get ready for a new understanding about Hypnosis, a state of “focused attention,” and the medicinal properties it offers. COACHING: Darlene Corbett has been coaching people to get unstuck and succeed for many years. In her years as a practicing therapist, she learned that a common theme for many was that they were stuck. Even the most successful person is sometimes stuck…and for some, it seems a perpetual state. Using the tools of coaching which include visualization and scripting, Darlene helps people (whether they are stuck or unstuck) not only succeed but thrive.


20 Birchwood Drive
Holden, Massachusetts 01520
United States

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  • Speaker: Keynote and Breakouts
  • Author: Book and Articles
  • Success Coach: Uses visualization and scripting techniques derived from mental rehearsal/visualization/hypnotherapy background.


5 Reviews
Noreen Kavanaugh, LICSW Needham Psychotherapy Associates
She captivated the audience!

Darlene recently presented to our multidisciplinary group practice, Needham Psychotherapy Associates. She captivated the audience with her warm and engaging style, her charming wit and her insightful and inspiring message. We have already invited her back to speak again.

September 2018

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Ilene Swartz LICSW, North Shore Medical Center Salem, MA
You are a gifted speaker!

You are a gifted speaker and possess a wonderful ability to connect with a diverse audience.

September 2018

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Nicholas J. Cioe, Ph.D, CRC Director of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program Assumption College
Students were engaged...

Darlene was a guest presenter for a graduate Counseling Theory & Practice course. She provided an overview of hypnotherapy to dispel myths and share truths about the benefits of alternative treatment approaches. Students were engaged while learning about the process and some of the issues hypnotherapy is most effective in addressing. They reported excitement about learning about additional tools they can acquire to be more effective counselors.

September 2018

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