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Danny Heinsohn | Keynote Speaker | Author | Performance Coach | Endurance Athlete

DANNY HEINSOHN is a passionate sales and marketing professional with over 16 years experience of working with the biggest names in professional sports and corporate sponsorship. From national brands to his own non-profit, he has developed wildly successful campaigns with organizations such as the New York Yankees, Baltimore Ravens, Boston Bruins, Red Bull, Samsung, MillerCoors, and NASCAR. Diagnosed with brain cancer upon college graduation, Heinsohn overcame numerous setbacks to become a high-performance sales professional, Ironman Triathlete, award-winning philanthropist, author, and keynote speaker. Whether it's for a client or his team we build competencies, confidence, and habits that lead to sustainable and repeatable success. Through coaching, speaking and training, Danny will move you and/or your team outside of their comfort zone to enable measurable, personal and professional growth. SPEAKING: Danny Heinsohn has inspired and motivated audiences from across the country. Audience demographics have included national and regional conferences, athletes, sports executives, award shows, professional sports teams, college and high school students, non-profits, health care professionals, realtors, and entrepreneurs. KEYNOTE: ★ RESILIENCE HAPPENS CREATE THE LIFE YOU IMAGINE Danny’s story of resilience is one that can be applied to any business or career path. Plans to backpack Europe were derailed after a brain cancer diagnosis upon college graduation at the age of 23. After three craniotomies to remove a racquetball sized tumor, Danny endured severe seizure complications, memory loss, loss of motor functions, 12 months of chemotherapy, depression, and several years of social reintegration. It was the kindness and support of his friends, family, and community where Danny discovered his calling – to endure, inspire, and overcome. In life we must learn to embrace change, align with what’s most important, and develop courage to move forward. Your audience will be inspired by Danny’s powerful story to create the life you imagine, even through the most demanding and difficult of circumstances. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Adapt to the process of change • Create opportunities through your passions • Activate your community SALES MOTIVATION: ★ POSITION YOUR PERSONAL BRAND TO WIN Cut through the clutter. Differentiate with value. Persevere where others give up. From the ashes of a recession and the wake of cancer, Danny Heinsohn rebooted his professional life with a career in sales. Within seven years, Heinsohn developed a client portfolio among the biggest names in professional sports and corporate sponsorship. A few clients on his shortlist include the New York Yankees, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Blackhawks, NASCAR, GoPro, Red Bull, Samsung, and Nike. Apply Danny’s principles to Sales Success to win with the biggest names in your market or industry. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Communicate to win • Differentiate through disruption and creativity • Create a personal brand that attracts ideal customers who yield high returns BUILD YOUR NETWORK: ★PERSONALIZE, DON’T COMMODITIZE The performance of your personal brand has never been as important as it is in today’s hyper-connected world. If we are not effective in following up, generating referrals, or adding value to our network, then our time is wasted and so is your money. Your time is as valuable as everyone else’s. Make it count! Get to the heart of what matters most among your prospective markets and future clients. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: • Align value and opportunity among your interaction. Get referrals. • Optimize the results of your networking time. • Stay organized and be consistent so you never skip a beat. • Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. ** for full information on Danny's client options and service range click to his website from this profile **


Reno, Nevada
United States

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5 Reviews
Chris Boline - The Applied Companies Lead Generation Specialist
His enthusiasm for life is contagious ...

Not only is Danny’s story inspiring, but he also hammered the point home about giving back to others and making sure you are utilizing each day to its fullest capacity. His enthusiasm for life is contagious and his mindset of helping others to achieve their goals is something many should aspire to.

October 2019

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Josh Mora – Full Sail University Strategic Partnerships
The story is impressive on its own – and a must-listen/read if you haven’t heard it ...

Danny spoke to our students about the importance of overcoming obstacles as being a key to success. It’s a great message for rising graduates, especially through the details of his incredible story. The story is impressive on its own – and a must-listen/read if you haven’t heard it – but Danny’s abilities as a caring, interested mentor stand on their merits as well. Danny has many talents that separate him from others in the industry, but I like being around him because I enjoy his company and his conversation. I’m inspired to do more in my business, to connect better, to keep things in perspective after spending time with him, and that’s a rare feeling in this business indeed.

October 2019

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Chad Wynn - Texas Rangers Business Partnerships
Thanks for all you do.

I know you have heard this but I was quite inspired by your story. Your grit, determination and drive are what coaches and bosses dream of for their team members. Thanks for all you do.

October 2019

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