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Dan Williams motivates audiences to overcome adversity by sharing his personal story and inspirational message of how change happens. After surviving open heart surgery where his life was revived multiple times during the operation, Dan achieved top USA ranking as a masters track athlete and received All American honors from the United States Track and Field Association. Upon learning of his near death experience and athletic accomplishments, The American Heart Association published Dan's story A New Heart for Life in their survivor gallery to inspire millions of people with heart disease to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. Along with overcoming physical adversity, Dan reached the lowest emotional point of his life after the dot com crash and endured several years of unemployment. Both his life savings and network were lost. Driven by his passion to help connect others in similar situations, Dan founded The Networking Community and authored the published book, Tales from The Networking Community. Dan shares these experiences and more, teaching life principles that bring about profound change, no matter how dire the situation may be. MOST REQUESTED KEYNOTE & WORKSHOP PRESENTATION NETWORKING, LIKE LIFE, IS A PROCESS NOT AN EVENT Based on his book, Tales from the Networking Community Dan Williams speaks to corporate, professional, and university audiences about the power of networking and how it transformed his life. He energetically shares life lessons on the art and science of networking. Those who attend Dan's keynote speeches and workshops find his advice practical, motivational, and inspirational. Mixing stories with with light humor, Dan shares how to build a networking community through systematically managing network contacts from the point of simple awareness through a series of measurable milestones. Dan's networking system is adaptable to virtually any set of circumstances. TAKE-AWAY'S - How to build and grow your networking community. - Learn the five step process & three networking profiles. - The top ten tips of networking and how to never forget them. - How to develop your elevator pitch. - How to remember names. Plus, Dan shares his experience with the ONE networking principle that has NEVER failed.


11006 Thrush Ridge Rd.
Reston, Virginia 20191
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  • Surviving open heart surgery and becoming nationally ranked masters track athelete
  • Overcoming unemployment and founding The Networking Community
  • Published book author; Tales from The Networking Community
  • Most requested Keynote presentation; Networking, Like Life, is a Process not an Event


7 Reviews
Carlos Diggs
What Dale Carnegie is to sales, Dan Williams is to Networking.

What Dale Carnegie is to sales, Dan Williams is to Networking. Dan has been the catalyst for launching so many people into the lifestyle and wonderful world of Networking Communities.

October 2018

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Charles Sullivan
Great networker, great human being.

Fantastic door opener. More "keys" than a piano. Great networker, great human being.

October 2018

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Brian Roberts
Dan has introduced me to great people...

Dan has grown The Networking Community from "thought" to "reality". His determination and persistence have helped him create a special organization. I've had two great guests for my radio program, Taking Care of Business, from The Networking Community. Dan has introduced me to great people, being careful to make sure there is a "fit" first, and I respect and appreciate that.

October 2018

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