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Dale Irvin | The Professional Summarizer

Dale Irvin is a comedian, speaker and author, but is best known as The Professional Summarizer. As a comedian, he has appeared on over 100 national television shows including appearances on Showtime, MTV, A&E, HBO, and Oprah. As a speaker, Dale is a Certified Speaking Professional and a member of the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame. As The Professional Summarizer Dale delivers up to the minute comedy monologues based on the events that have just happened. It is a one-of-a-kind presentation that his clients love so much they bring him back year after year. One event planner said, “What Billy Crystal brought to the Academy Awards, you brought to our meeting.” Of course, you have to remember who Billy Crystal is to appreciate this, Dale is the author of eight books including “Laughter Doesn’t Hurt”, “Dale Irvin Rewrites History” and “Insurance As A Second Language.” He also produces The Friday Funnies, a weekly written and video summary of the odder stories in the week’s news, and hosts a new podcast that is for Baby Boomers, called “Another Day Above Ground.”


5712 Dunham Rd.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60516
United States

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4 Reviews
Rod Jurado, CPT
You will be fortunate to call him your partner!

Dale has impressed me since our first meeting in 1981! I'd write a page if I could, but I will limit it to these few words.... Dale is a creative, quick witted guy who knows how to focus on others! While he doesn't talk about it, he's also one of the most charitable people I know. When it comes to making a meeting more memorable, no one is better! I am blessed to call Dale my friend, you will be fortunate to call him your partner!

April 2019

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Dr. Alice H. Cash, PhD, LCSW
You rock!!

The first time I went to an NSA Convention, Dale walked out on the stage during lunch, I believe. The crowd went wild as he came out to "Born to be Wild." Everyone was waving their napkin around like a helicopter and I thought "what the heck???" Once he started his "professionl summarizer" schtick, I saw why everyone loved him so. The guy is a comic genius and we all know that NSA could use a lot more humor! You go Dale!! Even though I was targeted by your humor last summer at NSA San Diego, I loved every syllable of what you said!! You rock!!

April 2019

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Jordan D Clarke
We utilize Dale for our meetings, and our smart customers do, too.

I chose Business Consultant for Dale when asked what service category in this recommendation. There is an excellent reason for this. Our team operates over 6000 meetings annually for our customers, and we also operate several different meetings for our own team. We utilize Dale for our meetings, and our smart customers do, too. Dale consults with us on what we are really trying to achieve in our meetings, and helps us drive points home in such a way that the attendees don't even know that they are learning or having major concepts re-enforced, mostly because they are too busy laughing. Our attendees rush from their coffee breaks back to the session just to see what he will say, regardless of what speaker is next. He is the talk of the town during all meetings, and you will hear your attendees say "did you hear when he joked about....." and what ever that is, it will be re-enforcing a point or concept you are trying to get across. We have long said that when we have our own meetings, we won't do them without Dale. It has been nearly 7 years now and our 11th meeting with him. He is a true crowd pleaser, and one of a kind in the business of meetings.

April 2019

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