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Coyte Cooper | Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker & Expert Coach

Dr. Coyte Cooper is an author, coach, and speaker that focuses on helping people pursue their aspirations so they can have the type of energy and focus that allows them to perform at their peak level. He released his first book "Impressions: The Power of Personal Branding in Living an Extraordinary Life" which is available on Amazon and other outlets, in 2014. In addition, to help people maximize their growth, he founded the Impressions 28-Day Growth Challenge and has worked with over 1,000 people in this innovative 4-week personal growth curriculum. Building on this, Dr. Cooper launched the "Earn the Right to Live Your Dreams" podcast to further impact lives. TRANSFORMATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Coyte Cooper, a premier specialist in the area of High Performance, is a motivational keynote speaker who has given over 300 talks in the last 10 years to audiences across the United States. Focusing on helping individuals and organizations perform to their highest potential, Dr. Cooper specializes in creating transformational presentations designed to drastically elevate performance levels. His 10+ years as a college professor and professional speaker have given him the experience to package talks in an innovative manner that engages audiences and creates meaningful change. Featured Keynote Topic Areas... Dr. Cooper is a specialist in the area of High Performance where he is passionate about helping individuals and organizations perform to their full potential. As a motivational keynote speaker, each of his talks is based upon transformational programs that he has created and delivered to thousands of proactive people across the United States. Below are three keynote talks that Dr. Cooper commonly gives to a variety of different audiences. Other popular topic areas include Personal Branding, Mental Mastery, and Pursuing Goals All Out. KEYNOTES: * Flip the Script: How to Redirect Your Brain to Productive and Radically Elevate Results* Based on Dr. Cooper’s Flip the Script live seminar series, this keynote is designed to show audience members the impact that negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have on performance levels and quality of live. In addition, the keynote outlines impactful steps that people can take to flip the script on counterproductive so they can spend every minute on closing the gap on their goals. This talk has been created to help people radically increase their results and quality of life. Why Book? This talk will teach you how to cultivate unique habits that allow you to go out and create results and a life you love. __________________________ * Spark Your Success: Systems to Maximize Human Potential* Based on Dr. Cooper’s transformational “Spark Your Full Inner Potential” program, this talk is designed to help audience members understand the systems they can implement in their lives to radically improve their results and quality of life. Each of the systems (growth, gratitude, values, goal/states, and lifestyle) are designed to stack on top of each other so that attendees are able to EARN results and lives that are ON FIRE every single day. Why Book? This talk will teach you how to implement habits that will truly maximize your potential so you can create results and a life you absolutely LOVE. __________________________ * Perspective Sparks Potential: 3 Simple Shifts That Can Radically Transform Your Results and Live* Based on Dr. Cooper’s popular TEDxHilliard talk, this keynote is designed to show audience members how they can take any negative situation and turn it into something that drastically elevates their lives. It lays out the unique “Choice – Perspective – Gift” process in a simple way that allows people to shift their mindset so they can focus their time and energy on the results and life their desire. This talk has also been adapted to maximize potential in athletics, business, education, sales, and other environments. Why Book? This talk is designed to maximize human potential by teaching people how to intentionally choose thoughts that enhance their results and lives. CONTACT COYTE AND HIS TEAM TODAY TO CHECK HIS AVAILABILITY TO SPEAK AT YOUR NEXT EVENT! __________________________ HIGH PERFORMANCE COACH: Dr. Coyte Cooper is a premier performance coach who focuses on helping people live and perform to their highest potential. His innovative “Spark Your Potential” Private 1-on-1 coaching is designed for proactive people who are looking to find an entirely new level in their careers and/or lives. Dr. Cooper prides himself on creating unique coaching experiences that radically elevate client’s results and quality of life. Ready for Radical Results? In the past 5 years, Dr. Cooper has worked with thousands of people to achieve entirely new levels of success and happiness in their lives. Using his previous experiences as NCAA Division I All-American athlete and coach, bestselling author, college professor, podcast host, and world-class performance coach, he has created a custom innovative performance process that has helped clients achieve the following: * Launch a new successful career * Achieve a lifetime athletic goal * Double sales results in 6 weeks * Lose weight and radically improve ENERGY * Make the Dean’s List for the first time * Become a top performer in their field * And much more… Rates for for Private (1-on-1) Performance Coaching with Dr. Cooper ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 per month, depending on the program and the number calls he has available each month. If coaching is something you’re seriously considering, you can contact Dr. Cooper and schedule a free telephone consultation.



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Derek Moore, NCAA Division I Champion and Coach, Entrepreneur
I never realized how much more potential I had until I started working with Dr. Coyte Cooper.

“I never realized how much more potential I had until I started working with Dr. Coyte Cooper. When I initially went through his program, I never expected it to change how I live my life on a daily basis. Coyte helps you realize the path to your dreams is not easy, but with consistent daily effort, we can all earn the right to success.”

January 2018

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