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Cliff Quicksell | Speaker | Motivator | Consultant | Author

"I am on a mission to squash the mediocrity and fear that runs rampant in small businesses. A writer, consultant, and speaker, I bring real-life lessons to leaders and sales teams who are tired of hearing “can’t” and are ready to stop letting others dictate the boundaries of their success. When I sit down with a business owner or deliver marketing and leadership seminars/keynotes, we won’t be talking theory. I have lived the peril of a small business – nearly going bankrupt 5 times, building multimillion-dollar equity positions, and winning 25+ awards for creative marketing campaigns. As a Consultant for iPROMOTEu, I provide marketing strategies to elevate brand perception for more than 600 affiliate businesses. If you are a business owner in the promotional products industry looking to exponentially grow your business, learn more: As an international speaker, my real-world approach and infectious passion for challenging the status quo gets small businesses and franchise organizations back on the road to achieving their potential. If you are interested in bringing me to speak contact me directly!" - Cliff Quicksell Speaking Topics: • Stand Out & Get Noticed with Engaging Direct Marketing© “With technology, our gift of creativity, and all that our industry has to offer: the different products, the different imprinting techniques, packaging, fulfillment, creative messaging, all of this melded together can create some amazing marketing concepts that will definitely engage the client and prospect and a different level. In this day and age you can’t be the same, you must differentiate you must engage with your customers at a different level for them to see you at a different level. This seminar will show some amazing techniques some amazing case histories that have gotten this speaker 70, 80 sometimes 90% success rates.” • Eleven Top Traits of a Sales and Marketing Superstar.© “In any business there are superstars, those are the people that rise to the top, those people that shine. Some people will say well that’s just natural for them but that’s not the case the reality is, it’s hard work to be on top and furthermore it’s hard work to stay on top. This workshop will discuss the 11 top traits that make those that are superstars in both sales and marketing superstars. You too can become a marketing and sales superstar if you apply these 11 traits that will help propel your business and put you in the top 3% of your craft.” • 10 Secrets to Small Business Success and Profitability© “Most businesses start without a plan letting their entrepreneurial spirit to drive their success. There does come a time where the business begins to take over and seemingly gets away from the owner. Frustration, angst and confusion creeps in and the business is now driving the owner. This seminar will bring to light some points that when honed can get your business back on the right track, putting you in complete control once again, where you now run the business.” • Igniting the Creative Spark in YOU!© “Are you truly innovative and creative? If you’re like most people you may reluctantly say, ‘yes, somewhat’. Yet, inside each person lives that creative spark, that child-like energy that gave you the freedom to explore, to make a spaceship from the box the dishwasher arrived in, or having your imaginary place in your mind where you could be you, different, creative and innovative WITHOUT being judged. Where did it go? This seminar will explore how to get out of that rut and develop and surface that high energy once again and then how to apply that new-found revelation to promotions that bring the needed spark to your business as well as your client.” • How to Bring Your “A” Game to Every Presentation© “Our industry has become highly competitive. Every time you turn around there are more and more folks doing what we do…how do you compete? One major way is to make sure your presentations are spot on, thorough, and delivered consistently and accurately – every time. Clients are looking for consistency, creativity and other differentiating factors to determine their next best course of action. This seminar will give you the needed tools to ensure when you take the field, you WILL be on your “A” game!”


Walkersville, Maryland 21793
United States

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6 Reviews
Amanda Sexton Focus Works Marketing
Fantastic presentation.

Hi Cliff, It was great meeting you last week after hearing so many great things from Roe. I was able to sit on your Tuesday afternoon session and can easily see what value you bring to everyone there. Fantastic presentation. Hope to see you in the near future at another conference!

February 2019

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Nicole Malachowski
You really were amazing!

Cliff, Just a quick note to say thank you for your truly remarkable presentation at this past weekend's NSA-DC Speaker Academy. You really were amazing!

February 2019

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Ramses Rodriguez Rising Performance Marketing & Business Solutions
Thank you for the energy you shared with us.

Cliff, I have been exposed to professional corporate speakers for the last 30 years. Your presentations during the ASI Show in Orlando were by far the most impacting and useful. Thank you for the energy you shared with us. It really helped me solidify a vision I had had. I WILL be in touch, Sincerely, Ramses.

February 2019

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