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You don't want to find your business featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for an ethical lapse of judgment. Yet every day in this fast paced business environment we are in, we are faced with choices that can make or break us. It's critical to train our employees, executives, and association members to think ETHICS when we make those critical or day-to-day decisions. Focusing the spotlight on ethical choices and consequences, Chuck Gallagher is the business ethics expert you need to raise awareness and focus your team on your commitment to ethics. You may have seen Chuck on Television, or heard him on CNN, CBS or NPR radio programs. His business insights are sought after for his strong position on ethics and leadership. Chuck Gallagher's focus is business - but his passion is empowering others. Chuck's personal experience in building businesses and sales teams while leading companies provides a practical and powerful framework for success. Not only a speaker and author, Chuck is currently the CEO and President of Virtual Training Associates, COO of a National Company and former Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing for a Public Company. Described as creative, Iinsightful, capitavating, and a person that "Connects the Dots" between behavior, choices, ethics and success, Chuck Gallagher gives his clients what they need to turn concepts into actions and actions into results. In the middle of a rising career, Gallagher lost everything because he made some unethical choices. He has since rebuilt his life and career back, sharing the valuable lessons he has learned. With more vulnerability than the average keynoter, Gallagher shares with his audiences the lessons his life journey has taught and how you can learn the impact that ethical or unethical choices creates. Every choice has a consequence, and Gallagher's presentations powerfully illustrate the impact of choices and consequences. Author of the new book: SECOND CHANCES: 23 Steps to Transforming Adversity into Opportunity - Gallagher has received numerous endorsements and the book has been described as one of those rare books that effectively bridges the gap between personal accountability and business success. With Chuck, you have an industry professional sharing practical tested and time proven methods that can enhance personal and professional performance. What Chuck shares in his presentations - whether keynotes, training or corporate consulting - are understanding of not only "How To" but also "What Motivates Behavior" - behavior of individuals which create personal and professional success or failure. Internationally, Chuck has helped countless individuals on their Jouney to Ethical Choices and Empowered Success! So here's the question - Do you want your personal performance to improve? Do you want your employees or association members to think Ethics when they make those all important decisions? If the answer is YES...then Chuck offers a "real world" practical approach to improving your understanding of ethics and business success. Now is the time to book Chuck for your next event and take the steps needed to improve your team's Success Factor with a commitment to Ethics and Empowered Choices. And yes...Chuck's programs are GREAT FUN! He'll have your audience focused, spellbound, laughing and asking for more knowing that what is discussed today will yield results in changed behavior tomorrow. MOST REQUESTED KEYNOTES: The Human Side of Ethics: While most other ethics presentations focus on legal and compliance issues, Chuck uses his personal experience to expose the truth about emotions and ethical behavior. With pinpoint accuracy, he brings to light why we do what we do and how to change behavior. When companies can help their management and employees understand the human side of ethics, the road map to success becomes much easier to follow. [SEE FULL INFO AT] ________________________ Every Choice Has a Consequence: Ethics, Integrity and the Power of Choices in Life and Business: In this powerful presentation, Chuck delivers an unforgettable message based on his own unethical decisions and the consequences that followed. Your audience will not only come to realize the impact of the choices they make, but also gain an understanding of how to use ethics and integrity to create success on a personal and professional level. [SEE FULL INFO AT] ________________________ Motivational Ethics: Positive Choices for Business Success: Using the skills and techniques that Chuck will reveal in this presentation, your sales team will discover how to create conversations that build trust with customers, find ethical ways to help solve customers’ problems, and gain awareness of the power of positive choices. [SEE FULL INFO AT] ________________________ Breaking Down Behaviors and Breaking Through to Empowered Ethical Choices: Want a new perspective on business ethics that you can’t get from anyone else? Based on Chuck’s book, this empowering presentation shines the spotlight on motivations and behaviors behind our decision-making—and how to turn personal behavior into professional ethical success. [SEE FULL INFO AT] ________________________ Learn more about Chuck at Contact Chuck and his team today to check his availability to speak at your next event.


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5 Reviews
I was so impressed with your presentation this morning...

I was so impressed with your presentation this morning-it was so moving. Your life is the biggest of roller-coasters and I'm sure you are blessing many with your hard learned life lessons. I am the person that said hello this morning, and do think a book about your life would be both fascinating and inspirational.

February 2018

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The best presentation I've heard in my 10 years...

Hi Chuck, just wanted to say that that was the best presentation I've heard in my 10 years working here. My best friends father was a lawyer in town and went through a very similar situation as yours. Well half of it, he chose to end his life just after he got caught before going to jail. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for coming down that was extremely memorable, very well done and helpful to me personally and to our employees.

February 2018

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Captivating and compelling!

Chuck's presentation on ethics is both captivating and compelling. Each time I hear him speak, I get a nugget of wisdom that helps me in my daily life! The two sessions Chuck held at the IMA Conference in Hickory, NC captured the audience and took the topics Accounting Ethics and Communication and applied them in a manner that allowed the listeners be active learners. The sessions helped me both professionally and personally. In the days following the conference, I found myself reflecting on the information I gleaned, as both sessions were thought provoking. I look forward to applying what I learned to be a better CPA, Educator, Co-worker, Mother and overall individual.

February 2018

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