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Chris Moon | Double Amputee & Ultra Distance Runner | Resilience & Motivation Virtual Keynotes

One Step Beyond... Chris Moon is all the one of the most fortunate people to be alive you’re likely to meet. He should be dead many times over and his exploits have been covered in a Discovery documentary with the cheerful title I Shouldn’t Be Alive. Moon draws on his unique experiences to illustrate principles people can use in their daily lives. As well as a practical understanding of human performance in the most extreme situations and overcoming adversity his Masters Degree covered human behaviour and management theory. Moon is a former British Army Officer with three years operational experience who left to work for a charity clearing landmines. He survived being taken prisoner in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge (one of the most brutal terror groups in history) and negotiated his release and that of two colleagues from threatened execution. While supervising mine-clearance in Mozambique in 1995, Chris Moon was blown up in a supposedly clear area of the safety lane. He lost his lower right leg and right arm and survived only through sheer determination. Less than a year after leaving hospital, he ran the London Marathon, raising money for charities assisting the disabled, defying all expectations for his own future. He has since completed more than fifteen other marathons, including the punishing Marathon des Sables, which is a 137 mile race across the Sahara. A Speaker Who Talks the Walk... Chris Moon is a truly international motivational speaker who helps people step beyond what they thought possible. He’s been speaking for over 20 years, on every continent, and talks to audiences of all ages and walks of life (school children to Chief Executives), always with humility and a healthy dose of humour. Chris knows exactly what it takes to overcome adversity and supposed limitations. He was blown up in Africa clearing landmines for a charity and lost his lower arm and leg. Less than a year after leaving hospital he completed the London Marathon and now runs the world’s toughest ultra-marathons. He’s also one of the few Westerners to have survived being taken prisoner by Khmer Rouge guerrillas. SIGNATURE KEYNOTES [In-Person & Virtual Keynotes available]: Keynote #1: 'Step Beyond' Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Chris shares experiences on the balance of life and death and limit of human endurance to illustrate principles everyone can use in their daily lives to help them step beyond limits and do what they do better. This presentation delivers the following feel, know and do outcomes: FEEL • Inspired • Motivated • Energised • Enlightened • Uplifted • Enthused • Entertained • Valued and invested in • Able to see the bigger picture of life • Ready to greet the world with a smile KNOW • The biggest limits in life are often imposed by the way we think frequently without even realising it • If we don't actively take ownership we slip into the role of the victim and become more helpless • Nobody plans to fail but most people fail to plan and we need to make the best of our time • How to avoid being a victim and be upbeat when we might not always feel like it • How to challenge self-limiting beliefs • Survival and success are driven by taking ownership and being realistically positive • Life can be tough but once we realise this and recognise that we choose our attitude it stops being so tough because we have the right attitude to deal with it How to improve resilience • We get back what we give out and everything is about the way we make people feel • Sometimes we can feel alone and isolated and that life is unfair, so we need to develop ways of dealing with this and recharging our psychological batteries • What we can do to be more enthusiastic • Excuses all mean the same thing DO • Take ownership • Develop strategies for being positive and upbeat when we might not always feel like it • Improve planning and performance • Improve resilience • Understand how to deliver marginal gains to get better results • Use the power of belief and remove negativity • Increase energy levels and enthusiasm KEYNOTE #2: ‘Making the Best of Life in Challenging Times’ In this uplifting and humorous presentation for our time Chris shares learnings from unique experiences surviving as a prisoner of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and being blown up whilst clearing landmines for a charity in Mozambique. In spite of losing his lower arm and leg he did a marathon less than a year after leaving hospital and became the world’s first amputee ultra-distance runner when he completed the Marathon Des Sables, subsequently he’s completed many of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons. He’s studied human behaviour and worked with psychologists and psychiatrists to develop strategies for resilience and making the best of life. Outcomes of this session include: • Understanding the physiological and psychological reactions to stress and how to control them. • Gain insight into how isolation affects us and how to avoid it. • Identify ways to be more physically and mentally healthy. • Develop strategies for overcoming anxiety and stress. • Understand the effects of screen time and why it can sometimes be draining • Identify ways of increasing resilience • Develop ways of re-charging our psychological batteries KEYNOTE #3: The Inconvenient Truth About Change: ‘Adapt or Face Extinction’ Despite the challenging title of this presentation Chris reassures people about dealing with change, empowers and equips them to adapt and deal with any new reality. Outcomes include: • Understanding the psychology of change • Gain insight to the emotional journey of change and how to manage it • Recognise it’s different for everyone • Understand what it might cost us if we don’t change • How to be realistic and then positive about change • How to survive and thrive change KEYNOTE #4: Health Safety and Wellness For more than 20 years Chris has been involved in leading high-risk operations and delivering health and safety presentations and workshops about real life experiences to change behaviours. He provides a fresh invigorating perspective on health and safety and wellness creating engagement. Presentation outcomes include: • Understanding the human cost of an accident • Insight into why people do dangerous things and why accidents happen • Grasp the importance of mindset and organisational health and safety • Take personal responsibility for own safety and that of others • Accept the individual and group responsibility for Personal Protection Equipment • Understand the principles of mental well-being **For full information on Chris' services and bespoke options click to his website from this profile**


Glasgow, Scotland
United Kingdom

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Fun with a relevant, inspiring message.

Fun with a relevant, inspiring message. Team left re-charged & ready for the next day.

August 2020

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Exceeding all expectations.

Combination of your compelling, life-changing story, appropriate level of humour & clear business messages landed perfectly. Exceeding all expectations.

August 2020

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Inspirational and captured the essence of what we are striving to achieve.

August 2020

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