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Charles Araujo is a technology industry analyst, best-selling author and keynote speaker focused on helping organizations and individuals reset, reimagine their future, and reinvent themselves and their organizations for the digital era and the coming New Human Age. His first book The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change, helped enterprise IT teams understand the macro trends changing their role within the enterprise and reinvent themselves so they could lead their organizations into the future. Charles Araujo was a recognised authority on digital transformation long before it became a buzzword. His two subsequent books, The Ecosystem Advantage: How to Build the Digital Ecosystem that will Help You Win in the Digital Era and Performance Driven IT: How Metrics Can Transform IT Services & Operations, explored specific ways that enterprise organizations and their IT functions needed to transform their operating models for the digital era. His forthcoming book, The New Human Age, will examine how to have an impact in your career, organization, and life in an era in which machines seemingly run everything. It will explain that the answer may be to embrace the very qualities that make us human as we reimagine the future and reinvent ourselves for it. Charles serves as Principal Analyst with Intellyx, and is the founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation. He is a regular contributor to CIO Magazine, and has been quoted or published in magazines, blogs and websites including Time, InformationWeek, CIO Insight, NetworkWorld, CIO & Leader, IT Business Edge, TechRepublic, Computerworld, USA Today, and Forbes. Keynotes: .HUMAN: Unleashing Imagination, Creativity and Empathy to Find Advantage in the Digital Era In the digital era, anything that we can reduce to an algorithm, we will automate. This will shift the nature of how organizations — and we as humans — create and sustain business value. Creating competitive advantage for ourselves and for our organization in the digital era, therefore, requires that you embrace and unleash the human characteristics within yourself, your employees and your teams that will set you apart. Research-driven and based upon his forthcoming book, The New Human Age, Charles will help participants deconstruct how the human characteristics of creativity, innovation and ingenuity can be used to create competitive advantage within their organizations. He will then help them understand the three skills they need to cultivate to unleash that advantage. Participants will walk away with practical ideas and next steps that they can apply immediately to begin the transformation of their organizations that will be the key to their ability to compete and thrive in the digital era. Best for: Inspiring Personal Development, Team Development & Improvement The New Digital Experience Supply Chain — and How It Will Transform Everything The supply chain defined the Industrial Era. To create value it was all about optimizing how you marketed, produced, delivered, administered, and supported a mass product as you served a mass market. But in the digital era, this equation has been turned upside down. Creating value in this tumultuous time isn’t about the supply chain — but about optimizing the customer experience, which is increasingly digital. To do so, organizations will need a new type of supply chain — one that helps them curate and optimize the delivery of a customer experience that will deliver differentiating value in a fast-moving and hyper-competitive market. This will demand that organizations not only reorient themselves around the digital experience, but also that they use it as the focal point to transform their business models, operating models, and the nature of work itself. In this thought-provoking and insightful keynote presentation, industry analyst, author, and futurist, Charles Araujo, will examine the forces that are shaping the competitive landscape for the modern enterprise and how enterprise leaders must transform their organizations for this future. He will dive into how the intersection of shifting customer expectations, and new cognitive and automation technologies are impacting how enterprise leaders must evolve core operating models and business processes, how they are acquiring and deploying technology to meet strategic objectives, and where and how they are leveraging their most important resource — their human teams — as they reshape their organizations from the inside out. Note: This keynote can optionally include a discussion on emerging technologies to watch. Best for: Understanding Macro Business Trends, Strategic Development Leading Your Organization in the Era of Digital Disruption We are in the midst of a fundamental transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Era. The result will be a world that looks and operates much differently than the one we inhabit today – and the implications for enterprise organizations — and those who lead them — are profound. Industry analyst, author, and futurist Charles Araujo will explore the implications of this transition, deconstruct what it means to you as a leader, and what you must do to transform your organization for the digital era. In this insightful and thought-provoking presentation, he will help you understand how the Digital Era is different from the Industrial Age, how this transition will directly impact your organization and the specific ways you will need to think differently and develop your teams to thrive in the Digital Era. Note: This keynote can optionally include a discussion on emerging technologies to watch. Best for: Leadership Development, Strategic Development, Understanding Macro Business Trends How the Customer Experience is Redefining Everything in the Digital Era As an enterprise leader, your job is to guide your organization into the future. In today's world, that means that you need to make sense of the tsunami of technology crashing on your shores and help your organization use it to its advantage. But what if you’re looking at it all wrong? Could you be missing a fundamental shift that is happening and which may undermine everything you're trying to accomplish? In this engaging and thought-provoking presentation, best-selling author, futurist and industry analyst, Charles Araujo, will redefine the term ‘digital transformation’ and explain the fundamental shift that will change the nature of how technology is used within the enterprise — all around the customer experience. More importantly, he will explore the impact this shift will have on organizations and what enterprise leaders must be doing now to ensure their continued relevance in this very different future. Best for: Team Development, Strategic Development, Understanding Macro Business Trends ** for full information on Charles' client options and service range click to his website from this profile **

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Kathryn Heaton Chair, itSMF Australia
We hope that Charles can return to Australia to present again, in the near future!

itSMF Australia was thrilled to have Charles Araujo the author of “the Quantum Age of IT” present as a Keynote at the Leadit Conference in 2013. His keynote was thought provoking and inspiring with a great compelling story that built the case for the new role that the IT Leader must fulfill, to become indispensable in this new age. Feedback from our delegates included “Outstanding presentation”, “Exceeded Expectations”, “A new way of thinking that clearly I need to embrace” . We hope that Charles can return to Australia to present again, in the near future!

May 2019

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Kevin Hansel Executive Director IT, AT&T Wi-Fi

Excellent and engaging speaker who was able to distill a complex topic into understandable concepts and ideas for how to implement. His session should be longer as he has so much good info to present and the audience was thoroughly engaged.

May 2019

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Ron Guerrier CIO, Toyota Financial Services
Unlike a consultant...

Unlike a consultant, who comes across as theoretical, Charlie came across as a practitioner, creating a sense that he was “one of us”. Toyota is a company that connects with people. Charlie’s family story and…background made the team feel the…connection.

May 2019

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