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Caroline De Posada | Inspirational Storyteller, Bilingual Speaker & Writer

Caroline de Posada will connect with your team, inspiring them and leading them to action. With humor, authenticity, and charisma this bilingual story-teller transforms the way busy professionals balance the demands of work and family to reduce stress and build powerful foundations for success. At the age of seven, Caroline de Posada began a life-long apprenticeship of her father, global speaker and best-selling author, the late Joachim de Posada. Upon graduation from college, Caroline spent almost two years managing her father’s speaking career, traveling the world, and editing his first book, How To Survive Among Piranhas. Caroline had the rare privilege to sit at the heels of her father, learning to conduct sales training and management leadership programs, and developing the delayed gratification concepts from his renowned book series, Don’t Eat the Marshmallow… Yet! 
 Caroline then fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. Caroline and her father joined forces in 2013 to write a book about how to Be There Even When You’re Not, which highlighted the promises Caroline’s father made to be present her life even when he wasn’t physically present. But shortly thereafter, her father became gravely ill and the book project was put on hold. In 2015, Joachim de Posada died. After his death, Caroline made a life changing decision. She stopped practicing law and stepped back into her father’s world of speaking. She is now carrying her dad’s legacy and telling their story. Caroline grew up in the professional speaking industry, developing close relationships with the most distinguished speakers and consultants, and attending the National Speakers Association from youth to adulthood. She is now a professional member giving back to the community she loves by chairing the National Speakers Association Youth Program in 2019. Caroline has the ability to intertwine her personal roles as a wife, mother of three boys, daughter, and friend with her professional roles of attorney, speaker and writer to convey principles of success, delayed gratification, leadership, and relationship building. She offers perspectives that will fill your team with inspiration, hope, and the drive to succeed. KEYNOTE SPEAKING: • Strengthen Your C.O.R.E Your CORE is the heart of what matters most in your businesses, relationships, and lives. Caroline shares four principles to strengthen your core and create a successful business and life. This presentation can be tailored as a workshop or keynote speech and delves into core principles of leadership, communication, resilience, and emotional intelligence. • Be There Even When You’re Not Nurturing special relationships can be a daunting task when you travel, are divorced, or work long hours. Coming from divorced, professional parents and a father who traveled extensively as a global speaker and bestselling author, Caroline de Posada understands the struggle to maintain meaningful & special relationships in our personal and professional lives. She uncovered three simple promises that you can apply to create a presence in the lives of your children, partners, family members, & clients, even when you’re not physically present on a daily basis. Caroline shares how her father sent her postcards from everywhere he went in the world and how you can use the Postcard Promise to create lasting and unbreakable bonds with those who matter most. This presentation can be tailored as a workshop or keynote speech and incorporates principles from C.O.R.E. • Finding Your Waterfall Have you ever felt like you’re at the edge of a cliff in your business, or your life, and you’re overlooking that steep fall? Have you ever had to make the decision whether you’re going to give up or climb the mountain to get away from that cliff? Caroline de Posada and her family faced this situation, literally, when their car lost control on icy roads and nearly fell off a cliff. Sitting in their car at the edge of a cliff in pitch dark, snow falling on the ground and no GPS, no cell phone service, three small boys–one with a broken ankle–and no help on the way, Caroline and her husband had to make some hard decisions as to what was going to happen to their family that night. Caroline will make you laugh, cry, and hang on to the edge of your seats as she tells you the compelling story of how her family learned resilience, courage, teamwork, and the power of climbing a mountain to reach success. This presentation can be tailored as a workshop or keynote speech and incorporates principles from C.O.R.E. Contact Caroline and her team today for more information and Caroline's availability.


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3 Reviews
Ed Helvey Coordinator, Veteran Speakers Conference
You can't make a mistake by having Caroline speak to your audience.

“Recently, I met and had the opportunity to hear Caroline de Posada address a group of influential people. I had a fleeting acquaintance with her charismatic father. She immediately reminded me of another daughter of a legendary professional speaker. They both have qualities of their fathers, yet are both very unique individuals in their own right while following in their fathers' paths. Caroline is very attractive, vivacious, witty, humorous, articulate and captures you instantly with her ever-present smile. But, mostly, when she ascends the platform, she takes command of the audience and captures both the hearts and minds of everyone in the audience. She has the ability to relate to each person as if he or she is the only person in the room. You can't make a mistake by having Caroline speak to your audience. You'll love the rave reviews!”

October 2018

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Mace Horoff Sales Pilot Medical Sales Performance Medical sales author/high-stakes sales expert.
Caroline de Posada delivered a powerful and personal presentation!

Caroline de Posada delivered a powerful and personal presentation last night honoring the relationship she had with her father, the late Joachim de Posada. His presence was felt in the room and I'm sure he would be extremely proud of Caroline following in his footsteps. She brilliantly incorporated videos into the presentation of Joachim speaking, I mean, it felt like he was there! Even the presence of her children was a great touch – it was like having three little Joachims there! Along with presenting the Joachim de Posada Lifetime Achievement Award to Rita Craig, it was a very touching tribute to Joachim. This talented, young woman has a very bright future in the speaking profession."

October 2018

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Naomi Rhode CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Co-founder SmartHealth.
An amazing speaker.

“It was my 'privilege' to hear an amazing speaker, Caroline de Posada recently! High recommendations for her style, life experiences, content, and posture in the Profession.”

October 2018

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